Pauline (Les Mamans, 1 year later) opens up about her difficult break-up with François-Maxime

Pauline (Les Mamans, 1 year later) opens up about her difficult break-up with François-Maxime

On the occasion of the great return of moms on 6Ter next November 23 as a bonus, Pauline, mother of Djülyan and Victoire, confided in Tele-Leisure about his ex-companion François-Maxime, the father of his daughter.

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A difficult separation. Four years ago, regular viewers of Moms, broadcast every evening on 6Ter between 2018 and 2020, discovered the endearing little family of Pauline, a farmer in Brittany. At the time, the young thirty-year-old, already mother of a little Djülyan born from a previous union, is in a relationship with François-Maxime. Together, they decide to enlarge the family with the arrival of Victoire. Unfortunately, a year ago, Pauline informed her thousands of subscribers that her love story had just ended… A few days before big comeback contestants of the show – for two premiums Moms, 1 year later broadcast on 6Ter on November 23 and 30the solo mom has agreed to come back to this painful but necessary episode with Tele-Leisureand explain the reasons.

“We met in the house, we barely said hello”explains Pauline (The mothers)

“There are a lot of things I didn’t say… We didn’t have the same expectations of life anymore, there was a gap between him and me. A canyon was created between us, the farm destroyed everything between us, it was nothing more than arguments, very cold exchanges… You couldn’t raise happy kids in that situation,” Pauline confides in us, pained by these memories. And to add: We no longer communicated, we passed each other in the house, we barely said hello. We had to cut everything before we hated each other for good.” If Pauline fully assumes this decision, and lives a beautiful love story today with Antoine, she nevertheless regrets having subjected her daughter to this separation: “She has already suffered this separation. I am fighting to rebuild everything, that everything is serene and calm for her.”

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A tense but cordial relationship between Pauline and her ex François-Maxime

What about Pauline’s relationship with her daughter’s father today? “We no longer see each other, we are no longer able to communicate in long speeches, it is no longer possible. We stay on short and direct reports“, she explains, making it clear that there is no animosity between the two of them. “We are each in our lives. I will never overshadow him and I hope he never puts a spoke in my wheels”, Pauline adds. And to conclude with great kindness: “We have Victoire who connects us for life so we have to accept each other’s lives. That’s the most important thing for me.”

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