Pavilions: a new meeting place for writers and readers

Pavilions: a new meeting place for writers and readers

The official presentation of the web platform was held last Wednesday Pavilions. Placing literature in the present moment, it offers readers the possibility of subscribing to the literary projects of fifteen writers and thus continuously receiving unpublished texts.

The platform, developed entirely in Quebec, is the initiative of Myriam Comtois, Marie Lamarre and Annabelle Moreau, all three working in the cultural sector. His work is simple, but remains innovative as far as digital literature is concerned. Like soap operas and television series, the authors will publish a text about a certain topic on the Internet several times a month, which will be available to subscribers. The proposed texts will be eclectic, written in French and English by established or emerging creators, writing alone or with multiple hands without genre or content limitations. Freedom that is rarely encountered elsewhere in the practice of art.

Moreover, the platform Pavilions kills two birds with one stone. On the one hand, it allows readers to enter the very core of the act of writing, to be the first witness in the creative process of domestic authors and to establish a close relationship with them. On the other hand, the subscription it offers “represents an alternative way to support the arts, encourage the development of ideas and give life to experimentation”, according to the press release on the occasion of the launch.

Readers can subscribe to the project for a monthly fee ranging from $2 to $4. At the moment, the four available projects are those of Martine Delvaux, Roseline LambertAntoine Lussier and Christian Vezina. Ten others will be placed online by the end of June, among which you will find Marie-Sissi Labrèche, Catherine Voyer-Leger etc Patrick Senécal.


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