“People tend to forget that Kanye West is bipolar”

“People tend to forget that Kanye West is bipolar”

Hip-hop veteran and co-founder of the Roc-A-Fella empire, Damon Dash will have spoken about the mental health of Kanye Westinviting his fans and critics to see reality in the face.

A relative who reports on the situation

Having had the opportunity to meet you from the start, Damon Dash took advantage of a stint at the event Solutions for young entrepreneurs in order to publicly discuss the mental health of the rapper in turmoil, dropped in turn by his partners and supporters in recent weeks, among other things because of his anti-Semitic remarks. From Dash’s perspective, West is ” sick “and it is time for his public as much as his detractors to act on the situation : “Yeah, I’m still in touch with him. It’s exhausting. But you know, he’s bipolar. And people tend to forget that. I don’t care about your fortune. When you’re affected by a chemical imbalance, you’re going to say crazy things. You don’t sit him in front of a camera. You tell him to stay home or go to the hospital. But what’s up with him? […] When you get stung by something, and there’s a chemical imbalance, and on top of that you’re tired, it’s like you’re drunk. […] But you know, I know him. I talk to him, and I try… And it hurts to see that. Because someone bipolar who’s a billionaire, and who’s surrounded by people who don’t care… That’s not a good formula. […] He’s already admitted he’s bipolar. He showed up in a straitjacket in front of everyone. Why would you listen to someone bipolar? […] He is almost having hallucinations. He’s not sleeping, I tell you. »

The conclusion is lucid: “The guy tells you he’s sick, and acts accordingly. Because he’s rich, you’re going to listen to him as if he’s fine. It’s not, and that’s sad. »

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