Performances and books in the heart of Hantisa

Performances and books in the heart of Hantisa

Words on the pavement returns in the form of a new edition with Hantise, from September 23rd to 30th. The traditional distribution and sale of books is returning, and the program will be completed by artistic performances, an exhibition and a book dismantling workshop.

The event is organized by Maison natale de Louis Fréchette and Regart, a contemporary art center for artists, in partnership with the Écolivres organization.

Hantise will highlight the use of recycled books. During the event, passers-by will be able to buy books at favorable prices during the sidewalk sale that will be held during the weekend. “The used book will thus serve as an occasion for this playful exhibition and will be at the center of artistic reflection”, say the organizers.

During the opening, four artists will present performances: Simon Brown in poetry, Mona Déry-Jacquemin in performance and poetry, Marie-Ève ​​​​​​​​Fréchette in sculpture and Nadia Morin in digital collage.

“Inspired by the monumental and unchanging character of the book, Hantise strives to investigate the trace, the memory, the disappearance. The transparency or symbolic nature of paper will be discussed to serve as inspiration for artists. Words, speech and image will be honored by searching for answers for what remains, such an attempt to tell or explore the holes of the past, through rumours, the unsaid, doubt, the ghostly,” explain the organizers.

The event Mots sur la pavé, hosted by the birthplace of Louis Fréchette, has existed since 2017.

Opening on September 23 from 5pm to 7pm at Regart, at 6018, rue Saint-Laurent, in Lévis. The exhibition will be on display until September 30.

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