Philibert Humm wins the 2022 Interallié Award

Philibert Humm wins the 2022 Interallié Award

The jury awarded Roman river, a book by Philibert Humm published by Editions des Equateurs. The author was a journalist at Figaro under culture.

IN Roman river, Humm shows three young people canoeing down the Seine. “A joyous odyssey,” said Christian Authier in Literary Figaro from October 13. “We mustn’t completely believe the title of Philibert Humm’s first novel, Roman river, and expect one of those cobblers that impress the critics. But, in the literal sense, there is no fraud on the goods, since the author – and the narrator – tells about the descent of the Seine in a canoe, from Paris to the sea.” added Christian Authier.

And to emphasize: “It was in the company of two friends, Samuel and François, that the young man went on an adventure during the summer of 2018. Those who read The Tour de la France of today’s two children etc La Micheline, a tour of the bars of France, written in collaboration with Pierre Adrian, or Troubles of a Frenchman in France (Alexandre-Vialatte 2021 award), written alone, will not be surprised by the motif of the novel. Humm likes to roam France the old-fashioned way, without GPS or other digital devices, with his nose in the air and his eyes open. After acquiring a used canoe, which the seller assures us would belong to Véronique Sanson and which they will call Boat, the three companions set off on their journey. With its shower curtain as a sail and mast rod, the boat is not immune to insults and sometimes we come close to drama like the raft of the Medusa, but our everyday adventurers stay the course. During one of their first ports they received encouragement from Sylvain and Philippe Tessoncame to supply them. »

Christian Autier concludes: “We realized that Philibert Humm prefers the spirit of childhood to the spirit of seriousness. Fantasy, humor, the desire for freedom spring from its pages, which bring to life the land of Charles Trenet and Jacques Tati.

The winner of the Prix Interallié succeeds another young author, Mathieu Palain. He had before him Magician of the Kremlincouple Giuliano from Empoli (Gallimard), already winner of the Grand Prix for the novel of the French Academy; The sweeter lifeFabrice Gaignault (Grasset) ; little liar Pascale Robert-Diard (The Iconoclast) and her boyfriend, Pierre Adrian, author Let those who are far away return (Gallimard).

The Jury for the Interallié Prize consists of Gilles Martin-Chauffier, Stéphane Denis, Jacques Duquesne, Éric Neuhoff, Christophe Ono-dit-Biot, Jean-Marie Rouart, Jean-Christophe Rufin, Philippe Tesson, Florian Zeller and Mathieu Palain, the last winner.

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