Philibert Humm won the Interallié award for “Roman River” –

Philibert Humm won the Interallié award for “Roman River” –

Philibert Humm, 31, received the 2022 Interallié Prize on Wednesday for “River Novel” published by Equateurs. His book is a comic account of the descent down the Seine. “The Wizard of the Kremlin” by the Italian-Swiss Giuliano da Empoli was also in the game.

The all-male Jury of the Interallié Prize 2022 crowned Philibert Humm for “Roman River”, published by Equateurs. The winner was chosen with five votes against Pierre Adrian’s three, in the last round. These two finalists have the distinction of publishing the book “Tour of France’s Two Children of Today” together in 2018. Journalist Pascale Robert-Diard also won votes in previous rounds.

Reporter of Paris Match

Philibert Humm, 31, is a journalist for Paris Match and used to travel around France. His book is about the journey of three young people who decided to canoe down the river Seine, from Paris to the sea.

This is the second year in a row that Interallié has dedicated a very young writer and editor unaccustomed to the big autumn literary awards, following the issue of L’Iconoclaste 2021 for “Ne t’Arret Pas de Cours” by Matthew Palain.

Italian-Swiss Giuliano da Empoli and his first novel “Le Mage du Kremlin” leave empty-handed. But with several selections and an award this fall, the author will have an extraordinary literary comeback. Winner of the French Academy novel award for his first novel “Le Mage du Kremlin”, he was a finalist at the Goncourt.

>> Lira: The Italian-Swiss Giuliano da Empoli receives the Grand Prix of the French Academy

A review of the autumn literary awards

Interallié was the last major autumn literary award.

The season was very favorable to the Madrigall group: the Goncourt Prize for Flammarion with “Vivre vite” by Brigitte Giraud, the Grand Prize of the French Academy for Gallimard with “Le Mage du Kremlin” by Giuliano da Empoli and the Médicis Prize for POL with “The Thirteenth Hour” by Emmanuelle Bayamack- Tam (also Landerneau Reader’s Award). Grasset editions won Renaudot with Simon Liberati’s “Performance”.


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