Philippe Claudel in the heart of the human soul

Philippe Claudel in the heart of the human soul

Humanity in decline

The investigation carried out by a police officer imbued with his duties and his deputy, a giant”awkwardly shy“, is just an occasion for painting humanity in disintegration. Because Juror Goncourt is an exceptional dissector of the human soul, exposing its most average. Few characters are spared. The investigator, for example, is attracted by the little girl who discovered the corpse.”He is the epitome of figures like Dominique Strauss-Kahn or Harvey Weinstein, men in positions of power who are so driven by their primal and sexual urges that they forget any course of action they should adopt and any morality.

In this magnificent novel of strong lucidity, it is also about an alternative truth that suits everyone in the end. “This is all a debate between fact and opinion. The scientific word that comes from experts who have conducted studies and experiments is put on the same level as that of people who say: no, I don’t agree. This is further reinforced by the sounding boards that are social media. Elon Musk recently reopened Twitter accounts that had been shut down for spreading false information. Finally, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish the true from the false.”

The universe shown by Twilight is deeply moving, almost fantastical, although everything that happens there is, unfortunately, completely real. “It is a great pleasure to create literary geography. A world that does not exist, which arises from the author’s imagination and guides the reader. We must never lose sight of the fact that reading is entertainment in the noble sense of the word. It offers, without detracting from the essentials, a dream diet. This book is a dedication to everything I have always loved: Germanic, Slavic or Scandinavian mythology, stories and legends..”

Philippe Claudel, “Twilight”, Stock, 506 p.

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