Philippe Etchegoyhen author and lecturer

Philippe Etchegoyhen author and lecturer

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“Following the thoughts of the first readers who found the book a little accessible, I wanted to put a few passages in this place,” he explains. I wanted to make it clear that my book is not a novel and that it should not be read in one sitting. This blog is a kind of accessibility,” he says. Indeed, if his first two works “Villages of the valley” and “Shepherds and shepherds” went from the 19th century to the present day, “Communautés souletines” goes much further into the past.

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“I’m not a medievalist, I refer to professional books, which makes the book a little more difficult,” he admits. In order to make the book more accessible, he publishes short excerpts on his blog. Each chapter specifies what comes with the book. With very nice photos, among others by the artist Mathilde Betachet. “I will put other excerpts and links to TV shows that I could do on TV Pays or Xiberoko Telebista, plus materials that I have in bulk and that I will not publish, because it is important that I transmit,” advances the author, who is already preparing the second volume of his work. In the meantime, you have to sell the first one. A simple button on the page allows you to order.

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