Pierre de Brauer fired? The production answers us

Pierre de Brauer fired? The production answers us

The theater teacher star academyPierre de Brauer, would be in the hot seat according to the information of the magazine Audience. The production expresses itself on this subject in the columns of Tele-Leisure.

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The time flies ! It has already been almost four weeks since the new season of star academy has started. The expectation was very high among fans of this brand which marked the history of the small screen. We then wondered if the casting would be cut for the eventif the students would survive without their mobile phones, if Nikos Aliagas would still be the ideal man to lead the program or if the level of the candidates would be good enough to make viewers want to follow their evolution. But all that is nothing to compare to the question that tormented the minds of everyone: how to forget Armande Altai, Kamel Ouali, Raphaelle RicciOscar Sisto or Encore Matthew Gonet?

Star Academy 2022: Yanis Marshall and Adeline Toniutti on top

Regarding the latter, the answer is simple: the historical repeater of star academy came to lend a hand for an evening on the occasion of the third bonus of the seasonduring which a philharmonic orchestra accompanied the new promotion. About the others, the show’s teams had to compose a faculty that lived up to the expectations of the public.. Dance level, we called on Yanis Marshall, choreographer in heels who made the show from the opening of this edition. For singing, the charismatic Adeline Toniutti bursts the screen at each of her appearances. As Raphaëlle Ricci’s successor, the bar was set high for Laure Balon. Despite an accident in the face of Julienthe scenic expression teacher has finally found her place.

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Pierre de Brauer ousted from Star Academy 2022? The production denies

This would not be the case for the drama teacher. According to information published in Audience, Pierre de Brauer would be too transparent for the production which would then have chosen not to renew it in the event of the next season. “We expected a lot and it does not give what we thought“, a production member reportedly told the magazine who later wrote: “the improvisation teacher remains quite discreet, far from the brilliance that one would expect. A delicate situation which could therefore cost him his place“. Asked by Tele-Leisurethe production formally denies these allegations. There’s only one way to be 100% sure: be connected to your post when the new season of the Ac star.

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