Pierre-Jean Chalençon angry: he looks back on his departure from a done deal and tackles Line Renaud

Pierre-Jean Chalençon angry: he looks back on his departure from a done deal and tackles Line Renaud

Pierre-Jean Chalençon does not have his tongue in his pocket. The art collector showed it again, denouncing his eviction fromDeal done, in the podcast Series. The former figure of the emission of France 2, did not hesitate to attack Line Renaud.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon left Deal done in 2020. A news that caused a lot of ink to flow at the time. When announced by Puremediathe explanations for this departure were not very clear. Our colleagues recalled all the same that a clash had taken place between the art collector and Line Renaud. Shortly before this eviction, a photo of Pierre-Jean Chalençon alongside Dieudonné, had also leaked on the Web. “I take photos every day with fans and personalities. He asked me to take a picture and I accepted without thinking because we were in a festive mood. I recognize that it was a fault but all those who know me know that I cannot be suspected of sharing Dieudonné’s ideas”. explained the antique dealer specializing in Napoleon, to Jean-Marc Morandini. And to continue: “Given the magnitude of this controversy, I decided in agreement with the production of ‘Deal done’ to withdraw from recordings today.” More than two and a half years after this controversy, Pierre-Jean Chalençon speaks again.

“She did the job to get me fired”

Pierre-Jean Chalençon apologized to Line Renaudafter provoking her on social media. Yet it would seem that the former figure ofDeal done, still resent the singer. Guest in the podcast Seriesquoted by our colleagues from Tele-LeisurePierre-Jean Chalençon returned to his ousting from the France 2 program, hosted by Sophie Davant. “It was a bad buzz since France Télévisions said: ‘since he is with Dieudonné, we are not renewing his contract’. It’s still amazing”, he said, before adding: “Taking a photo with someone does not mean that you are the person. That’s why I blame France Télévisions.” Pierre-Jean Chalençon then attacked Line Renaud: “She too, she did the job for me to get fired. She called whoever was needed. She called the Elysée, she called two, three people. She bragged about it all over Paris, so I can say that.” And to conclude with irony: “She’s so nice.” A story that seems to stick in his throat.

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