Pierre Volut publishes Decize, then and now, a summary of local history

Pierre Volut publishes Decize, then and now, a summary of local history

Local historian Pierre Volut, retired professor of French, doctor of literature, started historical research in 1988 in his hometown of Decize. He has never stopped since. During all these years, he published numerous works about certain periods and listed all the sights of the city.

So much research that has been carefully entrusted to the Archives of the Nièvre department and the municipal library of Decize, are true testimonies for future generations, which have resulted in a dozen books and CD-ROMs.

After the highlights were transcribed until 2022, Pierre Volut wanted, in a way, to conclude his work by publishing “probably my last book on Decize considering my age” [il a 72 ans]called Decide, then and now.

The most comprehensive Decize book to date

“This book, in thirty-two chapters, presents a summary of all historical periods, from the first written mention of the Dececia of Julius Caesar to modern times,” explains the author. Quite a complicated job when you know how many dozens of pages he devoted to each highlight of the city.

On 132 pages, illustrated with photographs, postcards and various documents, we travel through the time and space of Ciza through historical facts, the discovery of monuments or the meeting of personalities such as Maurice Genevoix or Marguerite Monnot.

I also did not stop at the news from 2022 in this book

“Even in this book, I did not stop at the news from 2022, but I wanted to mention the announced projects, such as the restoration of the Vieille Loire bridge or the Promenade des Halles, the project advertisement in the station…”

Pierre Volut also invites the reader, in the last three chapters, to discover Decize through three itineraries, with accompanying maps, to be passed on foot, by bike or along the rivers.

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He asked one of the artists of the Cercle Artistique decizois, Claudia Ridet, to illustrate the cover of his book with one of his works, which represents an observation deck. The book also opens with one of his paintings representing the town of Decize.

The local historian points out that his work is the most complete yet existing at the level of Deciza. “Several local authors followed parts of its history, but never in its entirety. Decide, then and now therefore, it is a manual for those who are interested in our small town and for tourists who visit it. The latter also hopes that a student will one day take up one of the book’s themes to undertake additional research.

If today Pierre Volut does not plan to publish a new work, he has not stopped engaging in historical research. He is currently interested in news in the national press. He then ventured into 18th-century literature and plans to follow the lives of three Nivernais characters: the Duke of Nivernais, Grandfather Saint-Just, and the 18th-century Abbot of Radonvilliers, Decizois.

Enough to fill his days well, which he dedicates to the Ligéries association, the Philatelic Circle and the University of Leisure Time, when he is not in his garden or on vacation in Corsica, where his wife is from.

Praxis. Pierre Volut’s book Decize then and now is available (at a price of €20) at the Maison de la Presse in Decize or from the author ( or Pierre Volut will be signing his book on Saturday November 19 from 9:30 am to 12 pm at the Maison de la presse in Decize.

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