Pink Floyd unveils unreleased recordings of 18 concerts from 1972 –

Pink Floyd unveils unreleased recordings of 18 concerts from 1972 –

The legendary British rock band Pink Floyd has unveiled 18 unreleased concerts dating back to 1972. These amateur audio recordings have appeared discreetly in recent days on YouTube.

Pink Floyd had already shared a dozen audio recordings at the beginning of the year. This time we find sound recordings of concerts performed in Japan, London and Los Angeles, as well as two in France.

All the concerts date from 1972, the year during which the group prepared its mythical opus “The Dark Side of the Moon”, which was released the following year.

The British rock band Pink Floyd, consisting of Richard Wright, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and David Gilmour. [Soledad]

An archaeological interest

“During his 1972 tour, Pink Floyd polished and worked on all the songs for this album, which would be his biggest commercial success. For historians, it’s interesting, because you hear the evolution of these songs until they become the famous pieces that we know”, notes Yann Zitouni, music journalist at RTS, Thursday in La Matinale.

“On the other hand, it’s not very interesting for people who like musical quality, because the sound is really not good. It’s not a musical pleasure, but an archaeological one”, he summarizes.

>> The recording of the Pink Floyd concert at the Empire Pool, now Wembley Arena, London, October 21, 1972:

Perpetuate the brand

The publication of these unreleased records, which appeared discreetly a few days ago, is not due to chance: Sony, which holds the rights, wants to use the recordings before a period of 50 years, at the risk of losing them.

Even though they are unofficial and low quality, this is also a way to preserve the Pink Floyd brand.

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