Place at the First Nations Book Fair

Place at the First Nations Book Fair

Precisely in Quebec, from November 17 to 20, The First Nations Book Fair (SLPN). It will be distributed mostly between The Morra Centerthe house of literature and more rooms.

Louis-Kard Picard Sioui, Director General of the SLPN, has this to say about these 11e edition: “This year we highlight the theme of ‘transformation’. From our literature, which is diverse, of course. But also in connection with our mythologies, with the character of Varalica. And more broadly, our societies, climate change and new technologies. But perhaps above all the transformation of the Salon itself. Because after 10 years you should be able to have some fun with the form. »

It’s on the big stage house of literature that there will be meetings and six round tables where they will be famous Michael Johnauthor and Wendat ethnologist Isabelle Picardauthor and journalist Waubgeshig rice and author Algonquin Karen McBride. He will also be present Andree Levesque Sioui, Maya Cousineau Mollen, Nicole O’Bomsawin, Carole Labarre, Virginia Pésémapéo BordeleauMarjolaine McKenzie, JD Kurtness, Flemish whistle etc Daniel Sioui. Activities are free, but reservations are required. We do it here.

Is it The Morra Centerfrom November 18 to 20 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the public will be able to purchase books and meet invited authors during a signing, all with a musical background by William C. Wikcemm Yamni Ake Wanz.

The more rooms will be the scene of literary evenings with shows Thanks tonnionhkliterary event about the book by JD Kurtness, Welcome, Alyson and Kwahiatonhk Literary Cabaret! Tickets for these three events are available here.

Another ballad, available for free here, in some public libraries, 14 performances of 4 different animations intended for the whole family will be shown. We can book tickets here.

The First Nations Book Fair is a realization Kwahiatonhk!non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage the development and promotion of aboriginal culture.

For more information about the First Nations Book Fair and its program, it’s here.

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