Playful Charles III: His first outing since Prince Harry book leak

Playful Charles III: His first outing since Prince Harry book leak

Calm before the storm… This Tuesday, 10.01. Prince Harry will find out his memoirsunder the title Spare (Replacement in French). The first clips reveal it the duke of sussex was not good to his father, Charles III. However, the latter does not seem to be the case not particularly affected. actually, The monarch was seen this Sunday, January 8, in the Sunday office of the church of St. Lawrence, which is located in Norfolk. All smiles, he greeted the crowd that came to meet him.

However, it could be the smile of the facade. And for a reason, according to information from Roya Nikkhahspecialized journalist, Prince Harry would not be welcome at coronation of Charles III, scheduled for May 6. Prince Harry was dropped from the script for the coronation, and he will only play no official role during the ceremonyif he attends”, she explained. So will the King break with traditionwho wants princes to kneel to pay homage to the monarch”.

© AGENCY / BESTIMAGECharles III, this Saturday, January 8, in the vestibule of St Lawrence Church, near Sandringham.

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“The Heir and the Spare Boy”

This decision, to expel Prince Harry, could have consequences upcoming edition Spare in the bookstore. In the passage, conveyed Guardpresented by the Duke of Sussex horrible anecdote about the day His birth. According to the author, Charles III (then Prince of Wales) told Lady Di: “Wonderfully! You gave me an heir and an extra boy. My work is done.” Hard words that left scars on his wife Meghan Markle.

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