“Poetry of Tools”, Pradéen David Roux’s second novel

“Poetry of Tools”, Pradéen David Roux’s second novel

After “Keep Blowing the Trumpet”, David Roux does it again with a new novel that is positioned on the border of the noir novel.

“Everything follows from the first sentence”. David Roux enjoys baiting and making the reader think. Fans will once again be dealing with this novel that begins with an ending and believes they know the ending.”But no way,” the author mischievously warns. Anyone who has had the opportunity to travel a lot during his life pays special attention to geography and places in his creative process. Words and language are also very important in his journey. His inspiration comes partly from authors such as Bukowski, Kerouac, Miller or Brautignan, “my satisfaction as a writer is expressed in a work built on themes I love such as the search for meaning, resilience, the virtue of dialogue and empathy”. According to David Roux, “the poetry of the tools brings a whole bunch of new ideas in the subtext that I wanted to fill with philosophical, musical and/or contemporary references. It also continues the reflection on forgiveness and redemption already presented in my first novel”. Readers of the first novel will find obvious connections to this new installment. As you can see, Pradéen likes to patiently and methodically build stories that surprise and give you a topic to think about. A second novel already looking for a third?

The book is available at the Torcatis bookstore in Perpignan or at La Libambulle in Prades. The author signs his book on Tuesday at the L’alégria restaurant in Prades.

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