Positive holiday report for Swiss tourism –

Positive holiday report for Swiss tourism –

The tourism sector in Switzerland draws an initial positive balance from the 2022/23 end-of-year celebrations, with an increase in overnight stays of 3% compared to the Christmas and New Year holidays of last year.

Demand was particularly dynamic in the mountains, thanks to the influx of guests from abroad but also to the loyalty of Swiss residents.

Reservations for accommodation and tourist offers have even sometimes reached the limit of capacity, especially at altitude, Switzerland Tourism said in a press release on Tuesday. The increase was mainly due to the return of foreign guests, according to the results of the survey conducted by the tourism promotion organization. But the level of bookings by Swiss residents was also above average.

Decrease in daily excursions

The results are more mixed with regard to daily excursions, the unfavorable weather conditions and the lack of snow having discouraged city dwellers.

But despite inflation and the risk of electricity shortages, the desire to go on vacation, especially for winter sports, is intact, rejoices Switzerland Tourism. For the moment, the unfavorable context does not seem to have had any tangible effects on the tourist attraction of the country, concludes the organization.


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