“Poulpo, the green octopus” directed by Ninon Biasolo

“Poulpo, the green octopus” directed by Ninon Biasolo

Through the story of Poulp, invite children to discover the importance of cleaning the ocean. This is a nice project by Ninon Biasiolo with his children’s book “Poulpo l’écolo”, self-published.

From creating clothes sold at the Capbreton markets to publishing children’s books. Ninon Biasiolo, originally from Astafforto, is full of great ideas. Creator of the brand “Poco Loco Poco Loca”, the young woman tenderly hands over her first children’s book, “Poulpo l’écolo”.

“I sell my creations in the markets of Capbreton and I had t-shirts with a small octopus on them”, begins the young Lot-et-Garonnaise “the children’s sizes didn’t sell well so I had the idea to tell Poulp’s story and in the end the parents bought the t-shirts. And I thought why not write a book?” Thus was born Poulpo, a small octopus who tells the story of how he became aware of pollution in the ocean and what made him an “environmental octopus”.

Written, drawn and edited by Ninon

Thus begins Nino’s creative process, which always follows the same red thread. As with her brand, she intends to speak about very different but important social issues that concern us all. Homosexuality, feminism, racism, love or even ecology. “The story came to me based on what I saw. I picked myself up on the beaches of Capbreton a few times and I was quite appalled,” she says, “I told myself about the book, and at least once, it was the animals he showed an example because obviously, can’t we do it between us?Thus was born the Poulpo adventure, to raise awareness lightly.

From start to finish, Ninon took care of every aspect of this design. “Creation went very quickly. Once the story was well established, it took me two months at most,” she continues. “I’m lucky that I studied graphic design at the ECV school in Bordeaux and that I had an artistic preparation for a year, so it’s much easier to model.”

The first in a long line?

Self-published, the book was printed by the same company that supplies the patterns on the “Poco Loco Poco Loca” pieces. And he is already on his way to becoming the first in a small series. Nina’s mind is already buzzing with ideas. “I already have two new stories in mind”, rejoices the very young author, “not only about ecology, I would like to approach racism, sexism… But always gently and lead to a collection of six small books.” While you are waiting for the adventures of these new little heroes, you can get the book “Poulpo l’écolo” on the website, at a price of €10♣ or at the Greenchef restaurant, at 78 boulevard Carnot in Agen.

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