Pregnant Giuseppa Ciurleo: “It’s getting worse”, she wants to consult a gynecologist urgently!

Pregnant Giuseppa Ciurleo: “It’s getting worse”, she wants to consult a gynecologist urgently!

By Camille Mutin

– Published on 04 Dec 2022 at 16:30

Giuseppa Ciurleo is not having an easy first trimester of pregnancy! The mother-to-be confides worried and in bad shape.

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Last month Giuseppa Ciurleo and Paga were in Dubai. If the couple had a good holiday, Giuseppa confided in bad shape because of her pregnancy : “ I’m not going to dramatize, it’s a little better. I’m still in bed, I’m resting a lot, I’m drinking a lot of water because suddenly there’s a lot of risk of dehydration, and that’s really something to avoid (…) I’m going back to school the day after tomorrow. home, and I can’t wait because here I’m really in trouble » . Back in France, the mother-to-be gives news, and she does not seem to be getting better! Badly, she wants to consult a gynecologist urgently. We tell you everything.

Giuseppa Ciurleo, “It’s an unbearable pain”

In bad shape, Giuseppa Ciurleo confides: “ (…) Since we got back and for a good month… There since we got back it’s getting worse I have the impression, suddenly I’m going to see my gynecologist because frankly it’s no longer possible. I think it’s some kind of sciatica. Personally, I don’t know if that’s really it, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Basically I have pain in the coccyx, so very very low in the back. And when I tell you that it’s a sharp pain that blocks me, in fact I can’t sit down anymore, I can’t move anymore, it even throws me in my legs (…) It’s an unbearable pain (…) I do not understand » . In addition to the pain, the mother-to-be faces many very violent criticisms…

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In his story, Giuseppa Ciurleo reacts to violent criticism from some Internet users: “ Alalala women always oddly … Obviously she was right, I was just a little passing Michto! In addition 1 year later, she asks me to wax my pregnancy hair because it’s disgusting. And that’s mothers yes yes “Courage Gui!

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