Préma-Québec and LG2 launch £1.8 book to raise awareness of prematurity

Préma-Québec and LG2 launch £1.8 book to raise awareness of prematurity

On the occasion of the World Day of Premature Babies, Towards-Quebec wants to raise awareness among Quebecers about the importance of supporting parents of premature babies, a situation that affects nearly one in ten births in the province each year.

To do this, in cooperation with Towards-Quebec, LG2 has developed an original idea with the power to materialize the fragility of an early baby: a book containing four easy stories about premature babies. This collection also carries a message that goes far beyond the words and illustrations of the contributing artists: it weighs the same as a premature baby, 1.8 pounds to be exact.

“The weight of premature babies is hard to understand until you experience it. The fragility of the little loved one is the opposite of the weight of the trial that the family and the child face. It’s an amazing opportunity for Towards-Quebec could count on craftsmen who contributed to the creation of works that will touch the hearts of Quebecers and, therefore, contribute to the mission Towards-Quebec“, explain Ginette Manthafounder and director, Towards-Quebec.

In order to give priority to babies who appear earlier, the release of the book has been postponed by a month. Originally scheduled for December 17th, early arrival 1.8 pounds one month before the deadline, he celebrates the World Day of Premature Babies, November 17. Initiative of LG2 it shows the power of details: the book cover acts as a cover that protects and warms the delicate face of the title page. This small face with a circumference of 23 cm reflects the reality of a very premature baby. It is through the pages, sensitive stories and magnificent illustrations that we see how the dimensions of the baby’s head subtly shift according to the number of weeks of pregnancy. Not forgetting that the weight of the book is impregnated in the hands of the reader during the entire reading, a fragile reality at the ends of the fingers.

“It’s not every day you get the chance to work on a book, especially at a creative agency. the 1.8 pounds is a long-term project where we had to be creative from start to finish in order to achieve the goal. After two years of cooperation with Towards-Quebecorganization with a noble and necessary mission, it is great to see the work of so many talented people with many areas of expertise materialize in a facility that will do good,” he says Sarah-Maude Raymondsupervisor of advisory services, LG2.

In addition to the contributions of four illustrators and four authors to this collection, the campaign The 1.8 pounds it was created thanks to the cooperation of valuable partners: Hit!, Chubby, Editions de La Bagnole etc Quebecor.

Préma-Québec and LG2 launch £1.8 book to raise awareness of prematurity
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Client: Préma-Québec / Ginette Mantha / Sophie Chaloux / Daphne Pilon
Creative Vice President: Marilou Aubin
Vice President of the Advisory Service: Marie-Christine Cayer
Creative direction: Frédéric Tremblay / Geneviève Langlois / Élise Cropsal
Design-editing: Guillaume Bergeron, Jean-Christophe Diaque, Marie-Eve Leclerc-Dion
Artistic direction: Marc Guilbault / Tiana Rica
Graphic design : Sophie Valentine
Management of the consulting group: Marie-Julie Cossette
Supervision of consulting services: Sarah-Maude Raymond / Samuel Bouffard
Project manager: Simon Boisvert
Publishing house: Editions de la Bagnole
Martin Baltazarchief director, Ville-Marie Literature Group
Sophie Deschenescoordinator, editing and production
average: Hit!
Rosemarie St-Amand
Gabrielle Cote
Alexander Lafontaine

Content: Odile Archambault
Production agency: Isabelle Fonta / Melanie Bruneau
Movement: Jean-Philippe Guy / Antoine Hallé / Elisa Ferreira
Assembly: Olivier Binette
Print management and production: Louis Dorval / Melissa Brisson / Geneviève Demers
Project manager, production: Emmanuelle Gauthier-Laquerre
Media: Hit!
Public relations : paragraph / LG2
Graphic Designer: Julie Hotte
Success: Nicolas Monette
Photo direction: Gabriel Brault-Tardif
production company / Production: Gorditos / Véronique Poulin
Post production: Postmodern
Sound Studio / Engineering: Circonflex / Tanguy Meunier
Music: Circonflex
Authors of the book / Illustration: Simon Boulerice and Emilie Leduc
Audrey Borduas and Charles-Etienne Brochu
Stephanie Lapointe and Mathilde Filippi
Guillaume Corbeil and Cécile Gariépy

Thank you : Hit! / Quebecor / La Bagnole / alinea / Circonflex / Postmodern

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