price hike, advertisements … Netflix’s rival is reviewing its offer

price hike, advertisements … Netflix’s rival is reviewing its offer

Disney+ is completely revamping its offer. In the United States, the streaming service has revised its prices upwards and announced a new ad-supported subscription.

Disney+ has just reviewed its offer in the United States. From now on, the platform will be accessible through two different packages. Until now, the streaming service was distinguished from Netflix by its unique subscription, offered at a price of 7.99 dollars. Note that Disney also offers packs, which include Hulu and ESPN services in addition to Disney+.

As expected, Disney + takes the opportunity to revise its prices upwards. As of December 8, 2022, the standard subscription will increase from $7.99 to $10.99 per month. Same story for the annual subscription. Subscribers will have to pay $109.99, up from $79.99 previously. This is’an increase of more than 30%. As a reminder, Disney+ has already raised its prices in the United States Last year. The single plan had gone from $6.99 to $7.99.

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Disney+ responds to the leader Netflix

For customers who want avoid price increasesDisney+ has a solution. The streaming service will offer cheaper subscriptionat $7.99 per month, with ads. This solution allows the service to address a wide variety of budgets,” assures Disney. Clearly, US subscribers now have the choice between advertisements or a monthly cost increase of three dollars.

The advertisements look particularly intrusive. As Disney explains on its US website, the ads will notably appear during the broadcast of a series or a film :

“Ads are usually played before the video starts and throughout playback – it’s similar to ads during a traditional TV show. “.

The firm states that some content will be spared from advertisinglike children’s shows. Unsurprisingly, ads will be personalized based on ” what you are watching, where you are, and what you have watched previously”.

The subscription with advertisements included will allowaccess the entire Disney+ catalog. However, subscribers will not be able to download content to watch later. Options like SharePlay or GroupWatch, which allow you to watch a program simultaneously with relatives at a distance, will also be unavailable.

At this time, Disney has not revealed whether picture quality would vary depending on the subscription chosen. Currently, the platform streams content in Full HD or 4K. A handful of titles are also stamped IMAX Enhanced or HDR10.

With this ad-funded package, Disney+ responds to its competitor Netflix. A few weeks ago, the number 1 in streaming indeed launched an offer at a reduced price with advertisements included. On the French market, this subscription is offered at 5.99 euros per month.

A subscription with advertisements soon in France?

In France, the subscription to Disney + is still billed at the price of 8.99 euros per month or 89.90 euros per year. This single subscription allows access to all the series and all the films on the platform without any advertising. All options, including GroupWatch, are also accessible.

It is likely that the changes to the American offer will come to France in the near future. We can expect a release sometime next year. For the moment, Disney has not yet mentioned the launch of the new offer outside the American market.

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