Primal Scream keyboardist Martin Duffy has died

Primal Scream keyboardist Martin Duffy has died

Martin Duffy, keyboardist of primal crydied at the age of 55, this Sunday, “following a fall at his home in Brighton”. The announcement was made Tuesday by the band’s lead singer, Bobby Gillespie.

Bobby Gillespie has paid a lengthy tribute to his friend he’s known ‘since he was a teenager in Felt’ – the Birmingham pop group, fronted by Lawrence, which he joined in 1985. Martin Duffy joined Primal Scream officially in 1991.

“Martin was a very special character. He had a love and understanding of music on a deep spiritual level. Music was everything to him. He loved literature and was very cultured and erudite,” says Bobby Gillespie on instagram.

“The most musically gifted of us all”

And to add: “He played the piano at such a level that he was adored not only by his peers in British music, but also by old school American master musicians such as James Luther Dickinson, Roger Hawkins, David Hood and producer Tom Dowd”.

“Singer Martin was the most musically gifted of us all. His style combined elements of country, blues and soul, for which he had a natural, God-given feel. He never played the same thing twice, ever. He only thought about the present moment, and it was better to have the “record” button activated when Duffy was on fire. His timing was unique, funky and ALWAYS behind the beat,” he recalled, with admiration and a humorous wink.

“His throat was marinated in whiskey before he was even born”

On the exceptional talent of Martin Duffy, opinions are unanimous. “In fact, he’s the only musical genius I’ve ever met…Kevin Shields (of My Bloody Valentine) and I sat all night, once, with our mouths hanging open, praising his natural talent,” recalls Tim Burgessdes Charlatans, another group in which the keyboardist played in 1996, cited by the Guardian.

Tim Hooher, of the group Mojo, confirms the admiration of his peers, evoking “probably the purest musician of the group, bringing echoes of Thelonious Monk, Johnnie Johnson, Jerry Lee and Cecil Taylor. His voice sounds like his throat was marinated in whiskey before he was even born. Martin brings the blues to Primal Scream”.

Primal Scream’s bassist, Simone Marie Butler, also testifies to her gifts and a “funny” and “big-hearted” personality. Anton Newcombeof the group Brian Jonestown Massacre, was one of the first to testify to his emotion.

Before being a full member of Primal Scream, Martin Duffy had participated in the recording of their first two albums.

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