Prince Harry attached to the necklace broken by William: he finally explains what he represents

Prince Harry attached to the necklace broken by William: he finally explains what he represents

Definitely, memoirs of prince harry never stop talking about them. Available in bookstores since Tuesday, January 10, the book is rich in anecdotes, polemics and revelations. Prince William, Kate MiddletonKing Charles III, Camilla Parker-Bowles, and even Prince Andrewthe whole royal family takes it for its rank. Among the excerpts that have attracted the most public attention, we find the one in which the Duke of Sussex confides in this famous necklace to which he holds so much and who was broken during his violent altercation with his brother Williamin 2019. “It all happened so fast. So fast. He grabbed me by the collar, ripping my collar, and he knocked me to the ground”wrote Meghan Markle’s husband in his autobiography.

As reported The Independentthis Wednesday, January 11, Prince Harry was asked about the necklace in question on the show The late showpresented by Stephen Colbert on CBS this Tuesday evening. In particular, he revealed that the jewel had since been repairedbefore showing the presenter the leather necklace, adorned with silver pendants, which he wore around his neck. Upon seeing the object, Stephen Colbert asked the Duke what each charm meant. “These are the heartbeats of my children, that my wife gave me”said Archie and Lilibet’s dadrevealing etched cardiograms. A nice story!

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The necklace cord, a gift from Prince Harry’s ex?

The presenter couldn’t help but notice that a third pendant was hanging from Prince Harry’s necklace. “And this one, what does it represent?” he then asked her. “A friend of mine from Botswana made this for me, there’s the tiger eye in the middle”told Lady Diana’s son. A meaning visibly very important to him.

And Prince William’s younger brother is so attached to this gem, so it’s for obvious reasons. But what about the necklace itself? Made of leather, the cord would have been offered to him, according to Marie-France, through his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davywhich he attended from 2004 to 2010. The young woman from Zimbabwe and Prince Harry studied at the same school in London. It was on this occasion that she would have offered him this famous necklace, which he has since used as lucky charm. After their separation, the two exes remained on very good terms (Chelsy Davy was even present at the Duke’s wedding to Meghan Marklein 2018). This is certainly the reason why he never removed the collar!

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