Prince Harry reveals in his Memoirs how he lost his virginity to an older woman

Prince Harry reveals in his Memoirs how he lost his virginity to an older woman

Barely a few days before the release of his biographical book, Prince Harry sees details of his life leaked in the press, and in particular an astonishing anecdote about his virginity.

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Prince Harry, stripped of the British crown, is ready to deliver his version. From Tuesday, fans of royalty and social gossip will be able to find in bookstores his autobiographical book, The Alternatewhere he looks back on his life within the royal family, but also that alongside his wife, Meghan Markle.

An intimate anecdote about an older woman

And you have to believe that the crispiest details were not ultimately in the documentary series launched on Netflix last December. Prince Harry has indeed decided to tell a lot in The Alternateeven if it means attracting all the criticism. No intimacy therefore, even to the point that he gives details of the loss of his virginity. Spotted by SkyNews and picked up by AFP, the information is surprising. In his book, the prince thus reveals to have lived what he considers today as “a humiliating episode”. When he was in the back of a busy pub and was very young, he says he seduced a woman older than him,who loved horses. A trivial detail in appearance, but which takes on its full importance afterwards.

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Media sick curiosity for Prince Harry’s private parts

Prince Harry says that this woman treated him “like a young stallion”and even spanked him after having “rise quickly”. If he says that he subsequently experienced it with difficulty, at the time, he nevertheless specifies that he was able “climb to seventh heaven”. According to PageSixthis woman would actually be American actress Elizabeth Hurley19 years his senior, and this relationship “fast” allegedly took place while he was still a minor. The actress had nevertheless swept away the rumors on this subject. The prince also returns to the pressure exerted by curiosity “sickly” of certain media and the public for his private parts, and the fact that many articles have been written about his mother Diana Spencer’s choice not to circumcise her children.

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