Prince Harry: why the title of his book is a wound for the Windsors

Prince Harry: why the title of his book is a wound for the Windsors

Prince Harry will publish his memoirs on January 10. A story that promises to be explosive, titled “Replacement”, the nickname Harry was given at birth. According to the website ALRIGHT!, this title could have made the Windsors very sad, as they had never intended to make Harry feel unimportant to the crown.

The common thread of his book. Title of memoirs of prince harry, “Replacement”which will be published on January 10, 2023 (edited by Fayard) has already caused a lot of ink flow. A moniker that suggests the book will not simply be a “journey” through Prince Harry’s memories, as presented by his publishing company, but an account of what it’s like to be “bonus” to the family, the heir’s brother. As the magazine notes ALRIGHT !former BBC correspondent Jennie Bond believes the headline saddened the royal family more than it annoyed them: “It’s sad that the whole life is seen like that. It’s sad, but what can they do about it?”

Being second born, “spare parts” as the British call it, it is certainly not a free offer, but as Jennie Bond points out, it is not only in royal families that the first born has more rights or duties than the following siblings. This is also the case with farmers, she points out. As far as Harry was concerned, it was simple not to be kingknowing that, as Jennie Bond says, “I’m not sure he’d want this place”. Prince Harry, who has always been a favorite of the people, could, according to her, they have many other opportunities to play an important role.

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Prince William on alert

We often talk about “British phlegm”, but it is not certain that Charles, William or Camilla will be its best incarnation when it comes to keeping calm when Prince Harry’s memoirs are published. His brother William would have already expressed his displeasure as revealed by journalist Simon Heffer in Telegraph and transferred Expresson November 17, 2022. Prince of Wales he would be appalled by his brother’s general behavior but also the next edition of his book.” actually, husband of Kate Middleton he would be very worried possible influence what will they have trust of his little brother about the British royal family. According to him, heir to the throne he just wants to protect his loved ones. “There’s no doubt thatit is at heart to defend the best interests of the Company by condemning the Duke’s behavior.”, he assured a journalist during an interview with a British tabloid. The beginning of the year is already shaping up to be eventful in Buckingham.

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