Prince Harry’s memoirs delayed: They could be linked to Michelle Obama

Prince Harry’s memoirs delayed: They could be linked to Michelle Obama

Prince Harry’s long-awaited memoir, presented as a book “raw and unwavering honesty”will be published next year, it was announced. Harry’s book is called Spare, either in French “the spare one”, and will be released worldwide on January 10. But the Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English announced it would not be available for Christmas due to the release of Michelle Obama’s new bookThe light we carryNovember 15 of this year.

Addressing Palace ConfidentialRebecca English said: “It will be released on January 10, which is a surprise to many people in the publishing industry who thought they would want to cash in on the Christmas rush… One person I spoke to told me they would never put off a post of this magnitude until January.”

Everyone expected the book to be available this fall. But in the process it was announced that the date had been postponed out of respect following the Queen’s death. Changes, it seems, have been made in the publication as well. “I’m told it’s doubly because he was asking for changes, but I also think there’s a problem in America getting the raw materials to publish books.”, continues the royal editor. Stating that‘they also have a Michelle Obama book and maybe it’s a problem with the binding of the books.’

Buckingham Palace is likely preparing for revelations that could damage the monarchy and the Duke of Sussex’s father, King Charles III. He will publish his memoirs Penguin Random Housewho said in a press release: “Spare immediately takes readers back to one of the most haunting images of the 20th century: two boys, two princes, walking behind their mother’s coffin as a sad – and horrified – sight for the whole world. As Diana, Princess of Wales, was laid to rest, billions wondered what the princes must think and feel and how their lives will unfold from then on.”

This book is an opportunity for Prince Harry to tell his version. “It’s finally his story”adds the American publishing house.

The king’s spokesman declined to comment. The royal family could face some damaging headlines if Harry decides to delve into the most controversial elements of royal life in recent decades.

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