Prince Harry’s memoirs: these 4 people dear to his heart to whom he dedicated his book

Prince Harry’s memoirs: these 4 people dear to his heart to whom he dedicated his book

It is a long-awaited literary edition. This Tuesday, January 10, readers around the world can finally get memoirs of prince harry : Replacement, a book published by Fayard editions. And on the first pages of his book, Brother of Prince William very careful yes four people who truly marked his life.

If his relationship with royal family is currently conflicted, prince harry first he wanted to say hello to the people he loves. “For Meg, Archie and Lily“, can we quickly find out. But his wife and two children were not the only people he cared about son of King Charles III dedicated his book. “And, of course, my mother“, he gently added. The last mention that testifies to how much the father of the family still thinks about his mother every day, Lady Diana – taken away in a traffic accident, 31.08.1997.

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Prince Harry: his secrets after his mother’s death

If the father ofArchie and Lilibet he regularly thinks of his mother, sometimes he remembers the day she left this world. As evidence, on Monday, January 9 at 7:45 p.m., he disclosed certain excerpts from interviewgranted CBS. And that in front of a journalist Anderson Cooper , Husband of Meghan Markleshared discoveries about death of Lady Diana.

Indeed, Prince Harry has revealed that he wants to see photos of his mother’s accident.”have proofthat she is really dead. In shock, the latter probably had trouble believing the news. “Proof that she was in the car, that she was injured, that there were paparazzi chasing her in the tunnel who were still taking pictures while she was dying, in the back of the vehicle“, he then clarified. And to conclude, completely transparently, what he could see in these famous photos: “All I saw was the back of my mother’s head, slumped in the back seat“. An image that probably marked the latter for many years…

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