Prince Harry’s memoirs: this phenomenal sum he could have earned

Prince Harry’s memoirs: this phenomenal sum he could have earned

It was made by Prince Harry many revelations in his memoirs, Replacement, released this Tuesday, January 10. And if many were leaked before they were stored in bookstores, that didn’t stop fans of the royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, or the curious from rushing to buy them. The heads of Penguin Random House, book publishing housemoreover, they were amazed by the dazzling success of this memoirhe reported Sunday Express this January 15.

actually, 1.4 million copies Replacement they were bought on the day of release. What to make the $20 million advance the label gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to write four books. Today, when it is estimated that the youngest of Charles III could receive more than 100 million pounds sterling (about 113 million euros) in royalties pour his memoirsa source told the newspaper: “His immediate and phenomenal success took everyone by surprise.”

A sequel soon?

And the source adds: “No one expected these sales numbers. Harry could easily surpass the combined sales of the Obama books, who are currently the company’s best-selling authors.” Some believe that it is a continuation of the Replacement could arise as Prince William’s brother pointed out in an interview with Telegraph if his memoirs were originally 800 pages long, if he had cut the book in half, in order to in particular, avoid including certain information about his brother and father. But nothing is less certain.

Another option for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who therefore signed a four-book deal with the publishing house: than Meghan Markle he is writing his own memoirs. The one he already posted Benchchildren’s book, she would work with her husband on a book about “leadership and philanthropy”. “Given the success Replacement, Meghan’s memoir is now the top priority, while everything else has been put on hold, the source said, indicating that sales in the United States could be even higher than Prince Harry’s. Something that will delight the royal family.

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