Prince Harry’s memoirs: this reference at the beginning of the book revealed

Prince Harry’s memoirs: this reference at the beginning of the book revealed

This Friday, November 4, Omid Scobie analyzes Prince Harry’s memoirs. According to the royal commentator, Replacement which will appear on January 10, will be filled with introspection and discovery.

His memoirs are proof of thatdon’t bend your back facing the company. According to Omid Scobie, Prince Harry doesn’t need it. In the article published this Friday, November 4, analyzed by the royal commentator Spare part (replacement)which will be published on January 10, 2023. fully written five months before the queen’s death, the manuscript would hardly have been modified after. At the beginning of the book, the writing “with raw and unflinching honesty“, what would be upset of “insight, revelationsself-examination and hard-won wisdom”.

Omid Scobid points out that the duke of sussex is simply exercising his freedom of expression. He also claims that the text would not harm Buckingham Palace despite the apprehension. Moreover, the expert is convinced that it will be lifesaving. And with good reason: the life of the “replacement” heir to the throne England has always been complex. “Margaret was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and Prince Andrew’s life… (who has been out of favor since his connection with the Epstein affair was discovered, op.a.) So the less we say about it the better“, says Omid Scobie.

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Prince Harry has no regrets

facts, which enable Prince Harry’s choice to be relativized from to resign from royal duties. (If we leave out that Princess Royal Anne, she always assumed hers, without complaining, she became an asset of the British monarchy precisely when she was the youngest of Charles III.). Regardless, according to Omid Scobie, Prince Harry’s Word”offers a more sympathetic vision royal reality of the family that makes their life almost impossible“. Even before his first criticism from the press, the brother of Prince William confirms do nothing “regret” his stories. Certainly a good reason not to judge his memoirs before reading them.

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