proposals from Métro journalists

proposals from Métro journalists

August 12th is coming! So it will soon be time to rush to your favorite bookstore to find one (or more, it’s up to you!) book(s) signed by the pen of’ here, at the dawn of the now traditional day On August 12, I buy the Quebec bookwhich has already seen its ninth edition.

Running out of ideas to choose from the good title for teeth? A team of journalists and associates of the Culture and Inspiration column Metro offers you some suggestions for recently published works.

And you, what will you read on August 12?

In the universe of Narpina. We lost the cup!Isabelle Tremblay (2022)

Courtesy of Pratico-Pratiques edition

When it comes to children’s literature, Quebec offers some good options. In the spring, Éditions Pratico-Pratiques specially launched its new collection for children aged 6 to 8, Prati-Cool junior, with the release In the universe of Narpina. We lost the cup! by Isabelle Tremblay.

The novel of almost 300 pages is written in capital letters and takes the child into the world of Narpins, fantastic creatures that not everyone can see. The appearance of Narpin can even vary depending on the individual. These little beasts have the power to create pareidolia, an illusion that can be found in nature. For example, when you imagine the shape of an elephant in the clouds, that is pareidolia.

In this first edition, we follow the story of young Olivia, one of the few people who can see Narpine, and her best friend Frigula. The latter is the defending champion in his nation’s great annual festival, but the trophy awarded to him disappears some time before the new edition of the festival, which calls into question his participation.

Ms Tremblay explains that she imagined the universe with her two daughters, aged 6 and 9, and that she hopes to develop teaching materials related to this adorable new series in the medium term.

In Pratico-Practices editions

  • Benjamin Aubert – journalist

Analogous storiesMichel-Olivier Gasse (2022)

proposals from Métro journalists
Courtesy of Station T Edition

Do you feel furiously alive listening to a music album? Not one playlist, but the album? Are music and existence inseparable for you? I know. This is also the case with bassist Michel-Olivier Gasse, the male part of the duo Saratoga with Chantal Archambault. Unrepentant cart from Tune in Gasse from Vincent Vallieres he is also a talented author.

IN Analogous stories, in his casual and poetic tone, tinged with self-mockery and frankly endearing, a music lover recounts memories related to records that crossed his path and marked him. Ever after.

As When the devil is on the loose, AA Bondy, who followed him through La Vérendrye Park, towards Val-d’Or, where his girlfriend awaited him before the couple moved together to Montreal; his little olive that claims You won’t die by Maude Audet at bedtime; Love hate Michaela Kiwanuka, who sublimates the sunset episode of the series.

Even when we talk about extremely niche artists, Michel-Olivier Gasse never pontificates; he is a passionate guy who conveys his love. And, precisely, devouring these pieces of life that take up several pages each, we enter into that intoxication that gives us the discovery of an album that we know will forever be created within us.

At the station Editions T

  • Caroline Bertrand – journalist for culture and inspiration

Do your researchTristan Péloquin (2022)

Courtesy of Quebec America edition

Journalist Tristan Péloquin followed the conspiracy movement throughout the pandemic, despite insults and even doxxing that conspiracy theorists pushed it. He was therefore well equipped to publish a book about the great waves caused by this little sea of ​​agitators.

From QAnon to the death of Bernard Lachance, going through numerous internal struggles of the self-proclaimed “awakened”, the author provides a complete overview of the events that took place in the “conspiracy”.

But Tristan Péloquin also goes beyond the portraits of Stéphane Blais and the other Daniel Pilons of this world. With insightful insights, he helps us better understand how this often odd movement could have grown to such size, whether through social media algorithms or Trump’s speeches.

Do your research it won’t introduce new facts to people already well-versed in conspiracy thinking, but it may turn many on about the phenomenon.

In Quebec America Editions

  • Constance Cazzaniga – journalistic inspiration

MatchingLili Boisvert (2022)

Courtesy of VLB editor

As well as the color of its cover, the book Matchingby Lili Boisvert – at the same time the deputy director for information in Metro newspaper –, yellow makes us laugh. Because, although light in its writing and even funny in passages, it tells the disturbing fall of a feminist trapped in a toxic couple relationship.

The more we progress in reading, the more our smile mixes with raised eyebrows and we just want to grab the main character Emilie by the shoulders, shake her and shout “Get out of there!”. However, many will certainly be able to recognize themselves in this character and the dysfunctional relationship that exists between her and her lover.

Matching it is swallowed in one gulp and will resonate with all generations, even those who did not know love at the time of dating apps, because above all, this work is about a topic that will be relevant as long as there is life on Earth: human relationships.

At the publisher VLB

  • Naomie Gelper – culture journalist

Letter to BenjaminLaurence Leduc-Primeau (2021)

Courtesy of La Peuplade edition

This heartbreaking novel is written in the form of a letter, as the title suggests, addressed to Benjamin, the author’s husband, who took his own life in 2020. We follow the moods of Laurence as he tries to remember their history. Remember the beautiful, the ugly, understand the incomprehensible, let off steam, forgive yourself, find the meaning of life. His life, since he died.

In her words, Laurence tells their story of love and their story of hate: Benjamin was sick, unable to achieve stable happiness, and Laurence, despite her trials, could not save him. She blames him, she blames herself, and her loneliness will follow you in your thoughts for a long time.

Editions of La Peuplade

  • Arianne Lebreux-Ebacher – culture and inspiration journalist

A strange and kind (and invisible) thingVincent Lambert (2021)

Courtesy of The short scale edition

It’s been a few years since children’s book publishing house La courte Scale launched its poetry collection. Goal? Invite young readers to discover poetry in all its forms and stimulate their imaginations. IN A strange and kind (and invisible) thingpublished in 2021, Vincent Lambert is aimed at teenagers and pre-teens, returning to this period of transformation and contradictory emotions that is adolescence.

Filled with accurate imagery and thoughtfulness, the collection is the perfect gift for the teenager in your life or for the grown-up that you are, who will know how to find their way through these pages. “The truth is that I was / in existence / as in a cloud / a cloud that creates lightning”, writes the poet. A nice reminder that poetry does not belong only to old sages, but (and above all!) to suffering young people, full of energy and creativity.

On the Editions La courte scale

  • Zoé Magalhaès – head of department and journalist inspiration

fancy molassesFrancis Ouellette (2022)

Courtesy of la Mèche edition

After winning the Radio-Canada Narrative Award twice, in 2019 and 2021, writer and film distributor Francis Ouellette publishes a first novel with an autobiographical content that is as poignant as it is moving, fancy molasseswhich recounts the author’s childhood in Montreal’s Centre-Sud neighborhood—the former Suburb to m’lassa – during the 1980s and 1990s.

In the company of Frigo, a well-known pleasant itinerant and a real living memory of the district, who is hailed as “mayor of the city”, the narrator revisits the significant places of his childhood, the HLMs on the rue Poupart to the tavern Chez Ti-Père Norman, passing through the tin sheds, alleys «garnotte» and paths railway lines, which outline the landscape of this popular district. Within this Faubourg marked by poverty and violence, a heterogeneous fauna develops, whose portrait Francis Ouellette paints in imaginative prose, recounting the ups and downs of “workers, bums and skinned people” who try to survive as best they know how, and whose fate under the pen of the author acquires epic dimensions.

Without avoiding the share of suffering that was his, highlighting the almost tragic beauty of the Faubourg community, Francis Ouellette thus brings, with fancy molassesa daring origin story, which transforms the raw material of childhood memories to create an incredible social fresco and at the same time reveals a true talent for storytelling.

In Editions La Mèche

  • Valérie Mailhot – Auditor

A girl and a butterfly ballRichard Labbé (2022)

A waitress at the small Café Sarducci in Vermont, Molly Monroe, 22, is looking for herself. He wants to become “someone”, achieve something exciting and, why not, earn a million from his eventual project. But what to do? Struck by an illumination, one fine morning she decides that her destiny will be followed on the baseball field… without being too formalized by the fact that she has almost never played baseball. And then?, she will reply to her skeptical relatives, including her father, Paul, and her lover, Éric, bewildered to see her sweetheart suddenly transform into a butterfly warrior. Because it’s a hard throw that Molly strives to master, one game at a time, in order to achieve fame and fortune. This very enjoyable first novel by sports journalist Richard Labbé, sort of League in petticoats Quebec, borrows the tone of an American romantic comedy or a chick lit and turns out to be cute and funny right from the start. Like Molly’s entourage, we slightly scoff at her ambition to break down barriers with the flick of a glove, doubting that anything is possible in novels!

Published by HUGO & CIE

  • Marie-Josée R. Roy – Department Head and Culture Journalist

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