Public ticket sales for Taylor Swift’s tour canceled

Public ticket sales for Taylor Swift’s tour canceled

After pre-sales marked by an interminable wait and numerous breakdowns, the public sale of tickets for Taylor Swift’s tour in the United States has been canceled, the specialized site Ticketmaster announced on Thursday.

“Due to a particularly high demand (…) and an insufficient stock of remaining tickets to satisfy this demand”, the sale which was to take place on Friday is canceled, the company tweeted.

“I have absolutely NO idea what to do now,” lamented AFP Cody Rhodes, whose cousin had obtained a code to buy a presale this week, but who, despite waiting five hours, did not failed to get one.

“They said + canceled + and not + postponed + so I wonder if they even have any tickets left to sell”, wondered the 23-year-old admirer, who is not sure to have the means. to buy a place on resale, the price of which can reach thousands of dollars, but will try all the same.

Ticketmaster did not immediately respond to requests from AFP.

The company said it sold 2 million tickets for the pop star on Tuesday during pre-sales, a record for an artist in one day.

Despite the implementation of safeguards, such as the verification of fan accounts and the granting of codes for the purchase of seats in advance, the ticketing site complained in a press release “of a dizzying number of ‘bot attacks’.

Ticketmaster’s system received 3.5 billion requests, which caused computer errors, the company said.

This cacophony has reignited the debate about this behemoth of the ticket sales industry, which has fueled the frustration of music lovers for years, especially because of hidden fees and skyrocketing prices.

Several American elected officials have criticized the merger in 2010 between Ticketmaster and the entertainment giant Live Nation, described as an “out of control monopoly” by the elected Democrat David Cicilline.

Anti-monopoly and consumer protection groups have recently called for an investigation into this group, which they say allows it to “drive up prices, impose unnecessary and costly fees and exploit artists. , independent halls and admirers”.

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