Quillan’s Book Friends elected a new board

Quillan’s Book Friends elected a new board

Monique Agustin is the new president of the association. She will be assisted by treasurer Bertrand Miclo and secretary Marylise Lemay.

The General Assembly of Friends of the Book was held on Friday, January 6, in the René-Pont hall, with the presence of office members, volunteers, Mr. Szymanski, the principal of Paulin-Nicoleau Primary School, as well as three new volunteers, Sophie Famel, Monique Augustin, Bertrand Miclo from Sound Library and Mayor Pierre Castel. The president also thanked him warmly on behalf of all the volunteers for the financial support through annual support and interest in the library.

She presented a moral balance sheet with numerous events and actions set in 2022, book and CD exchanges with the Departmental Library, the reception of exhibitions in partnership with Les arts Plastiques, as well as that of the Pasteur children of free time. center and kindergarten.

This year too, Les amis du livre participated in the book fair and the Forum des associations, as well as in the 1e page operation in partnership with the Aude department, Caf and MSA, united to offer an album for young people to all Aude parents who had a child in 2021.

The Treasurer presented the surplus financial report and reported on the encouraging feedback from readers following the Covid crisis which resulted in an increasing number of members.

As for 2023, the projects have not yet been defined, but the previous actions will be renewed, with the provision of a book of purchase suggestions for readers to involve them more and allow them to give their choice of reading in the purchase. new works.

At the end of the meeting, President Patricia Lacoste and Treasurer Michel Perez resigned and a new office was formed consisting of President Monique Agustin, Treasurer Bertrand Miclo and Secretary Marylise Lemay.

“We are glad that Les amis du livre managed to open a new office, in order to perpetuate an association that has an important place in the municipality. We will remain available and attentive to the new members of the office to guide them in their first steps and we thank them for their commitment” said Michel Perez and Patricia Lacoste.

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