Quite a surprise for the contestants of Big Brother Celebrities

Quite a surprise for the contestants of Big Brother Celebrities

The episode of Big Brother Celebrities of this Sunday was a particularly eventful one, as much for the ousted as for the candidates who remained in the house.

First, the players unanimously chose to oust Martin Larocque against Marie-Christine Lavoie. He therefore left the game with a heavy heart and tears in his eyes.

Host Marie-Mai, however, had a huge surprise in store for her: the possibility of facing the excluded from the previous week, Benoît Gagnon, in order to have the chance to return to the house. The proposal was accepted without hesitation, as was suspected.

On the other hand, we believed (wrongly) that Benoît Gagnon would have an advantage in this mini-can challenge, since his opponent was emotional, upset and therefore feverish.

Despite everything, Martin Larocque impressed in this challenge, winning the game without difficulty. So he returned to the house, to the cheers of his accomplices. He also comes back with immunity for a week, which will help him move forward in the adventure.

On social networks, many viewers said they were disappointed by this turnaround, finding that the return of Benoît Gagnon would have been more exciting. They also think that Alexandre Despatie is in danger for the next week, which is not to be excluded, indeed.

Obviously, this return also sows confusion in the great residence of Big brothersince Martin temporarily becomes an untouchable who could do collateral damage.

Let’s see how this one will play his pawns to advance…

The reality show Big Brother Celebrities is presented from Sunday to Thursday 6:30 p.m. on Noovo.

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