Quiz Mom I missed the plane: 9 difficult questions on the cult comedy of the 90s! – Cinema news

Quiz Mom I missed the plane: 9 difficult questions on the cult comedy of the 90s! – Cinema news

Released on screens more than 30 years ago, Chris Columbus’ comedy has since become cult. But do you really remember all the details of the film?

Like films like Mary à tout prix or Un jour sans fin, Maman j’ai achézé l’avion is one of those rare American comedies of the 90s that has survived the decades to acquire the status of cult comedy today. .

The basic pitch is quite simple but extremely effective, thanks to the direction of Chris Columbus, and a judicious cast. The McCallister family is ready to go on vacation. Everything is going well, except for one detail, the parents understand once on the plane that they have forgotten one of their children at home, little Kevin. Far from being distraught by the situation, the youngest of the family seems to rather appreciate this freedom, he who can enjoy his house as he pleases.

But he does not know that two burglars are determined to rob his house. He will then have to show mischief and ingenuity to keep the “Floating Breakers” away from his home, inventing many schemes, each funnier and crueler than the next, which are reminiscent of certain cartoons from the Tex era. Avery.

Little Kevin being at the center of the film, the choice of actor was essential, and it was producer John Hughes, also a screenwriter, who suggested giving the role to Macaulay Culkin, whom he had already cast in a previous movie Uncle Buck. As for the couple of burglars, they are embodied by Daniel Stern and a Joe Pesci at the antipodes of his character of Tommy DeVitto in Goodfellas released the same year.

So, have you seen recently Mom I missed the plane ? Do you still remember the many gags of the film? Kevin missed the plane, we hope you won’t miss this quiz in nine questions!

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