Raped by his teacher for several years, he recounts his stolen childhood in the book

Raped by his teacher for several years, he recounts his stolen childhood in the book

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In his autobiographical story “The Wednesday Man,” author Franck Gayet recounts how one of his teachers raped him from 5th to 12th grade. Facts that would have happened in the 1980s at the Lycée Lapérouse in Albi.

“I feel Mr. A approaching, soon he’s holding onto the table, he’s standing full height right in front of me. Passing through the hallway, Mr. A walks around my desk to get a better look at my copy on the left. What I feel then is his cock on top of mine shoulder.. I casually step aside, but gently, and not too much, to act as if nothing is happening, to maintain respect and impeccable behavior.

This passage from Franck Gayet’s book published this autumn by L’Harmattan does not mention any name, school or city. But in the descriptions on the pages it is not difficult to recognize the Lycée Lapérouse in Albi. He describes his teacher there as a pot-bellied, black-bearded, left-wing Christian who enjoys giving lessons and an open mic at a local Catholic radio station.

Married and a father

Franck Gayet signed his book three weeks ago at the FNAC in Albi. We met him. “When I returned to Lapérouse, I was 10 years old. I come from poor neighborhoods. Therefore, I experienced the integration of such a prestigious high school in the center of the city with my parents as a social lift”.

Franck is a very good student. He did not leave this teacher, married and father of a family, who was the first to shower him with praise, indifferent either. After rubbing and touching within the class itself, this man will take advantage of Franck’s absence due to illness to integrate himself into his family. “He introduced himself to my parents, saying I was an excellent student. He brought me books and homework.”

Wednesday’s meeting will continue. As for the private lessons, they are mostly sexual touches, and then the rape of which he will be the victim, while he is in the 5th grade. – I didn’t talk about it with anyone. In the words of Franck Gayet, neither hatred nor desire for revenge. “I simply want to make my story known so that it does not repeat itself to others”.

Ancient Greece as a reason

During the college years, the rapes continue one after the other. On page 135, the professor excuses himself to his student: “In ancient Greece, what we do is common. This is part of the educational process. The adolescent must discover his body and his mind in order to achieve excellence”.

When he started high school, still in the same school, Franck was attracted to girls. A predatory teacher is clingy, persistent. More episodic, sexual relationships continue and will continue for many more years, until the Terminal. – He must have thought that I was too old at the age of 20 – Franck smiles sadly. The relationship becomes epistolary.

In his book, the author states that in 2020 he was called to the police station in Albi. This teacher was detained for a case similar to his, still a young student. Interrogated by the brigadier, he will eventually file an appeal. The police station did not find any trace of this hearing. The State Prosecutor’s Office does not currently have an investigation. Where is this case? We don’t have an answer to this question.

We contacted the teacher in question. He did not respond to our requests in Reunion. A resident of Albi until 2020, now retired, this man lives today with a terrible accusation: he stole the childhood of one of his students.

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