Raphaël Guillet presents the book Sleeping Glasses

Raphaël Guillet presents the book Sleeping Glasses

Where did your passion for writing and literature come from?
From my father’s butcher shop and my childhood football club. Where I often visited the colorful characters I found one day in novels, especially Pagnol’s. Or from Simenon. And, later, in those of Mankell, Lehane, Mc Liam Wilson, Yasmina Reza. The taste for the characters – and therefore the people – was in the first place. Then style, which is very important to me today.

Can you show us your book sleeping glasses ?
This is a police investigation based on a hit-and-run driver who killed a bicyclist. Which reminds Inspector Alice Ginier of the death of her little brother, who was killed by a driver on the road twenty years ago. The action takes place between Lausanne and Sarajevo.

What can we know about Inspector Alice Ginier?
She grew up on a farm in the mountains. His mother still lives there. Alice is a country girl, down in the city to study forensic science. And he works in the criminal brigade of the judicial police of the city of Lausanne.

You were a war reporter. How does your experience influence the story of the book?
My experience and my vivid memories have allowed me to bring some details and true images to this fictional universe that is the novel. A picture, for example, of dozens of small sweaters drying on a line in Tuzla, Bosnia. I did a report in this orphanage.

How do darkness and sleep affect the story of the book?
The title is related to the anti-light masks that are distributed to passengers on airplanes so that they can sleep. Alice puts one over her eyes and wonders what is preventing her from seeing the truth in her investigation.

What place does travel occupy? sleeping glasses ?
Alice goes to Sarajevo because her number one suspect is hiding there. She discovers a city that fascinates her all the more because she traveled very little in her peasant childhood.

Under what conditions do you write and are you more of a paper/pencil or computer keyboard type?
I prefer a computer. But I also often write with a pencil because I have had my diary since I was 16-17 years old. Well, today three or four suitcases full of notebooks…

Are there autograph sessions planned?
A lots of. And I am glad to reveal this contact with the public. For my first novel, I only had two sessions due to covid restrictions.

Are you already thinking about continuing the adventures for Alice Ginier?
The third volume of Alice’s Adventures is already being written. I’m at the very beginning. I went on a two-year trip… The action takes place in Lausanne, of course, the area of ​​my inspector’s work. In a very delicate environment, but I would not like to say more for now, except that the topic is quite explosive…

What do you want to say about the conclusion?
I would write novels even if only the two friends I work with would read them (each one his own novel, and we comment on each other’s texts at monthly meetings). Because, as Jacques Brel said: “you must love the function, not the result”. And I love to write and tell stories.

Thanks to Raphaël Guillet for answering our interview!

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