Rapper Goldofaf is back

Rapper Goldofaf is back

He hadn’t been missed by anyone except the most radical fringe of the far right, but he’s back nonetheless. As StreetPress noted in its last edition of Faf, Yves Alphé has released a new track after almost ten years of welcome silence. Better known by his stage name Goldofaf – a pun between the Japanese cartoon robot Goldorak and Faf, the acronym for “France to the French” –, this rapper is one of the most famous of the movement. He made three albums between 2008 and 2012 before returning to a certain anonymity and converting to undertakers with his brother in Orléans (21). This comeback, “I had been thinking about it for a few months and for years friends had encouraged me to resume”, assures the music lover, contacted by StreetPress.

Showcase of the violent far right

In this new song, Yves Alphé goes back and forth on the values ​​of the traditional family, and especially of the housewife, with one of her seven children in the backing vocals in a title soberly entitled “Hope and Tradition”.

The text, although very reactionary, is wiser than its old “tubes”. When he sang, for example, of the glory of the “war hero” Léon Degrelle, a Belgian collaborator engaged in the Waffen-SSin “Tribute to Rex”, in 2008. Or his ode to street violence with the very modest “Vivre pour l’honneur de la patrie”, in which he recounted his fights “against the crouilles”, in 2009. Without forgetting the resumption in a racist version of the title “Gravé dans la roche” by Sniper which made him famous in 2007 and whose clip “has been deleted ten times” by YouTube because “the system does not like the success of the patriots “, according to him.

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As a hot far-right rapper, Goldofaf has had the buddies spinning. “Living for the honor of the fatherland” had, for example, been the subject of a clip with guests who were politically marked to say the least. Like François-Xavier Gicquel, expelled from the National Front in 2011 for his unfortunate tendency to stretch out his right arm or to participate with Yvan Benedetti and Alexandre Gabriac in tributes to Mussolini, who now officiates with the extreme association right S.O.S. Eastern Christians. Same thing with “Le rêve parisien” where appeared a certain Esteban Morillo, skinhead considered responsible for the death of Clément Méric, killed in 2013. Clip which had also been shot in Serge Ayoub’s former bar, known as “Batskin”. Atmosphere. Positive point, this last sound had put an end to the painful musical career of Yves Alphé.

If the new title of Goldofaf does not unleash passions and has gone relatively unnoticed, it has been enthusiastically welcomed in the French fachosphere. From the head of the Parisian section of the fundamentalist Catholics of Civitas to the neofascists of Jeune nation via the nationalist leader Yvan Benedetti, all welcomed the musical return of the little singer with the iron cross. However, the singer assures:

“It is a single, the future will tell us if there will be an album but for the moment it is not relevant. »

Threats against a journalist

The croque-notes fell back into anonymity as he moved away from militant life to devote himself to his activities as an undertaker. But old habits die hard. In December 2021, he presented himself threatening at the home of Mourad Guichard, a journalist for the media stomach center (and also a freelancer at StreetPress). Reason for these intimidations? “Following an article and a radio program in which I was being insulted as an identity racist and a neo-Nazi, I contacted this independent journalist”, whom he describes as an “antifa militant” in order to “ask him for an interview “, tries today to relativize Yves Alphé. “I went to meet him to give him my business card and a few minutes later he called the whole of France to say that I had threatened him “.

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The journalist Mourad Guichard does not have the same version at all. “I heard a pounding on my door. If he had come an hour later, he fell on my kids! “, testified the latter to France 3. “I knowingly made the choice not to mention him by name in the article, nor his company”, he had also specified, denouncing “an attempt to intimidate”.

In this article, it was in particular a question of the “disturbing rise of fascist ideas” in Orléans. And the fact that Goldofaf’s company had surprisingly participated in transporting the coffin of Jean Zay from Orléans to the Pantheon in May 2015. A surprising choice to say the least when you know that this figure of the Resistance, former Minister of l National Education of Léon Blum, was assassinated in 1944 by the militia of Joseph Darnand, an ardent partisan of collaboration with Nazi Germany. While the same Yves Alphé sang in 2009 his love of the France of Pétain in his piece “Work, Family, Fatherland”. Or the motto of Vichy France. Like what, the business…

Last news to date before this musical comeback, Yves Alphé had been definitively dismissed by justice last March in a lawsuit which opposed him to the anti-fascist collective La Horde. He had filed a complaint for public insult and defamation following the article on their site which associated him with the far-right movement French Renewal. I do not do it.

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