Reading Tips – Legends of France, Mysteries of France

Reading Tips – Legends of France, Mysteries of France

Discover the greatest mysteries and legends of the regions of France in a richly illustrated book.

We already told you about Legends of Paris published by Webedia Books. Guillaume Bertrand does it again, we leave the walls of the capital. This time the author invites us to discover legends all over France.

Like a storyteller, Guillaume Bertrand reminds us of these enduring legends that built the history of our region and France. Strasbourg, Rennes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Ile-de-France, Lille, Fort-de-France, this book brings together more than a hundred folk tales.

We travel through ten regions and 18 cities.

France is a land of myths and legends

Luxemburg ghost music lover, Robert the devil, Varou Normand, Korrigans, White lady, the book deals with myths and legends about many famous creatures and others less well known.

The author portrays famous men and women shrouded in mystery, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Charlemagne or Joan of Arc.

Each legend is explained and richly documented with illustrations, sketches and photographs. Many anecdotes complete these sheets to make these legends even more disturbing.

This trip through France is amazing. You learn a lot of things and after reading this book you won’t see French cities the same way. You will surely avoid looking at the bottom of the next well you come across in the Bordeaux area for fear of encountering the sight of the Basilisk on rue du Mirail.

Legends of France is a very good idea for a gift or honor.
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