Rebecca Manzoni, a goldsmith at work

Rebecca Manzoni, a goldsmith at work

Inter listeners have not forgotten “Eclectik”, “Pop N’Co”, “Tubes N’Co”… Every morning at 9:30 am, Rebecca Manzoni now concocts the relaxed “Totémic”. With, always, the same meticulous preparation and her very own tone.

Without ceremony, she greets the public installed in the studio of Radio France where she is about to record an interview with Sara Giraudeau. And turns into a room heater, testing the strength of the applause of the dozen people present. In a red armchair, Rebecca Manzoni faces her guest. Bounces to a song she chose (My childhood, of Barbara) to question her on her link with her young years, on the childhood present in her voice. “Either we imitate it to make fun of it, or we categorize you as someone fragile”, drop the actress.

The discussion takes a more intimate turn, drifts towards his school phobia, borders on the tragedy of his mother – Anny Duperey, who, as a little girl, found her parents asphyxiated. The moment is beautiful, almost suspended, far from a mechanical promotion of the play that the actress is performing. “Being able to carry on a conversation rather than an interview is the Holy Grail of any interviewer: you have to know the present and past universe of your interlocutor, build trust, and then anything is possible! » indicates the producer.

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