Red breaks records after smash box office debut

Red breaks records after smash box office debut

One Piece Movie: Red landed in theaters last July and made a sensational debut at the box office, both in Japan and in France.

After the phenomena Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train and Jujutsu Kaisen 0another animated film taken from a Japanese license created the event and moved the crowds (even the worst ones). One Piece Movie: Redthe fifteenth feature film in the franchise that needs no introduction, not only made a remarkable entrance at the Japanese box office, but also in French theaters where it broke records.

Not yet king of the pirates, but already crowned at the box office


One Piece Movie: Red was released in Japan on August 6 and grossed over $16 million in two days (including almost $9 million on the first day alone). After 23 days of operation and four consecutive weekends in first position at the box office, it has accumulated nearly 83 million dollars on his native soilwith more than eight million admissions, and nearly 90 million dollars in revenue worldwide.

The film therefore achieved the best start of the franchise A play in Japan, but also highest grossing film series in front of the previous section One Piece: Stampede (48 million dollars in all) and the twelfth opus One Piece Movie: Z (72 million excluding inflation).

One Piece Movie: Red: PhotoThe reunion of One Piece and the public

These figures remain lower than those of the phenomenal Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train which had already earned nearly 200 million dollars in Japan over the same period, then the historic sum of 364 million dollars at the end of operation. The result is however superior to that of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 which had barely exceeded 75 million, for a total of 108 million (which should soon reach One Piece Movie: Red).

The score is in any case sufficient for the spin-off to become the second biggest film of the year in Japan behind Top Gun: Maverick (85.7 million) which it should soon exceed as well. More globally, the film became the eleventh biggest animated film of all time at home, and will probably dethrone Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Once Upon a Time ($92 million) to break into the Top 10.

One Piece Movie: Red: PhotoStill some effort


In France, the animated feature film was released on August 10 (while the previous One Piece: Stampede was released a month after the launch in Japan). After the hysterical scenes of the previews which made the news, the film landed in first place at the French box office, relegating High-speed train on the second step of the podium. In just one week, the Straw Hat Crew racked up over 575,000 entries in 631 theaters (against only twenty for stampede).

It’s more than Nope (224,000 admissions), which was released the same day, Crypto (333,000), Buzz Lightning (482,000), Morbius (403,000) or The villains (259,000). It’s also more than the movie Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train (350,000 entries) and Jujutsu Kaizen 0 (347,000) which had also created the event in France.

One Piece Movie: Red: PhotoThe spectators left the ship

From its second week in theaters, attendance at the last A play however, fell 65%, leaving Brad Pitt and his train to regain the advantage, then another 42% the following week, dropping him to eighth place in the standings. This rather ephemeral craze will nevertheless have allowed the film to cumulate 889,000 admissions in three weeksi.e. less than Buzz Lightning (1.1 million) or Minions 2 (2.5 million) in the same period, but more than Crypto (747,000) or the latest major Japanese animated films on their entire run.

In May 2021, demon slayer : The Infinity Train ended its run with 727,000 admissions and last March, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 totaled 530,000 entries. Suffice to say that the curve continues to climb and that the importation of Japanese animation, more particularly franchised, should continue to fill the coffers in the years to come.

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