Renaud Capuçon talks about his life with Laurence Ferrari and their son

Renaud Capuçon talks about his life with Laurence Ferrari and their son

Violinist Renaud Capuçon confides in us his relationship with his loved ones and regrets not being able to spend more time with them.

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It’s not easy to coordinate schedules… Laurence Ferrari and Renaud Capuçon have been sharing their lives for almost 15 years. The journalist and the violinist actually met in 2008, at a dinner at the Ministry of Agriculture on the topic of Savoy, the region from which they both come. The former presenter of 20 o’clock on TF1 falls under the spell of a musician whom she marries a year later, before giving gave birth to a son, Elliott, in 2010. But two doves in love obviously have a lot of trouble being in the same place for a long time…

Laurence Ferrari and Renaud Capuçon: their life at 100 miles per hour!

Renaud Capucon confides in the columns of Sunday newspaper, this January 8, 2023, having a fairly steady pace between concerts, rehearsals, violin lessons at the University of Music in Lausanne (in Switzerland), or even organizing festivals across France. “I’ve cut back on my sleep time considerably to now settle for four or five hours a night. Some will think I’m exaggerating, but I love life too much not to satisfy my curiosity“, assures the husband of Laurence Ferrari. It must be said that the journalist, who now leads CNews and Europe 1as well as political editor of the magazine Paris matchalso has busy days.

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We miss each other and it’s frustrating

Madness that Renaud Capuçon doesn’t like: “What I find remarkable about this life that is never the same is thatit gives every moment an exceptional characterassures our colleagues, although he recognizes that time spent with family inevitably affects: “Of course, there are flaws: we miss each other and it’s frustrating. My son used to say: ‘Hi dad, when are you coming back? In three days? So, see you in three days.’ But the balance always leans on the side of happiness that we all have to find each other“, concluded the musician with optimism!

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