Renaud: his new companion Cerise and his ex-wife appear together

Renaud: his new companion Cerise and his ex-wife appear together

This Tuesday, January 24, Renaud gave the first concert of his Renaud tour in my strings. An event which was present Cerise, his new companion, as well as his former wife Dominique Quilichini.

Renaud fans no longer even dared to dream of it. The 70 year old singerremoved from the scene for a few years due to his health problemshas made a comeback! Even though he hadn’t given up on the song – he had even unveiled a title that made the buzz during the Covid-19 pandemic -, Lolita Séchan’s dad hadn’t released an album since 2019 and its opus for children, Kids and kids first. Some people thought they would never see him sing a song again, and yet: last May, he was rewarded with a new album, meticbefore doing an appearance at the NRJ Music Awards in November.

The ex-companion of Romane Serda has also been decorated there an honorary award for his entire careeran opportunity which he took advantage of to announce a new tour through France but also Belgium and Switzerland, entitled Renaud in my ropes. A great return to the stage that he would not have undertaken only for the love of music and the public, but especially for the beautiful eyes of a woman

“He wants to impress her”

As confided by his faithful friend Dave on the antenna of BFM TV, Renaud is no longer a heart to take! The interpreter of Winner Mistral would indeed have met “a young womanand it is precisely for her that he would have liked to go back on stage. “He wants to impress her too. That’s what made him want to show that he knows how to do it and that he can do it“, has explained the companion of Patrick Loiseau. A few months earlier, in October, Renaud had himself revealed that he had courtship all summer long a woman younger than him, and that he had finally succeeded in make her succumb to his charms. The interested party is none other thana forty-something named Cerise, who would share her life for nine months now and with which he had already been seen last October, during a football match (the photo, revealed by Purepeopleis to be found here).

This tour being dedicated to her, the young woman was obviously present in the front row at the concert of the 70-year-old singer, as revealed The Parisian. The daily also specifies that Renaud would have dedicated his performance to him on the title As long as there are shadows…the favorite of the “square with whom he has “recently took a pied-à-terre in Rezé, near Nantes“. She was not, however, the only woman in the singer’s life to support him at this very important moment since Dominique Quilichini, his first wife and mother of his daughter Lolita Séchanwas also present. The two women were even seated not far from each other, proof that the interpreter of morgan of you has found a perfect balance between the old and the new woman of his life!

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