“Researcher of culinary heritage” at the Chabanais book fair

“Researcher of culinary heritage” at the Chabanais book fair

Régine Rossi-Lagorce, whose face and voice are familiar to France Bleu listeners who are used to televisions, has not been able to taste the dishes she used to cook for years. For 15 years, until recently, this mother of three children, who suffers from an orphan genetic disease, was tube-fed: “What gives another dimension to the kitchen”. He will come to Chabanais with five of his latest books, the latest of which is, My little Christmas stories (Éd. Mon Limousin), published at the end of October, or 5 seasons of the Régine series (same publisher), one of his bestsellers. And also with “things to snack on”.

Your photo is on the poster of the Chabanais book fair. Are you a real star?

Regina Rossi-Lagorce: Ah! I did not know. But, you know, I don’t see myself that way. Not as a celebrity. I believe in the simplicity of human beings like the simplicity of cooking. For example, I hate cooking competitions and, even worse, TV shows that feature fierce competition. I refuse to participate. It is completely artificial. The reality is that people cook the best they know how. I don’t like the term haute cuisine. There is a kitchen, that’s all. I like to pay tribute to local chefs and women, who are often forgotten. However, they are the ones who cook most of the time.

How did you want to write?

I’ve always liked it, I first explored foreign languages ​​a long time ago. And then my husband and I settled in Corrèze, a wonderful country, and I ran a restaurant. I was talking about my meals when one day the publisher, also ethnologist Marie-France Houdart, asked me to write a book. It started like that.

I read you say that your books are not cookbooks…

I turned down several suggestions for recipe-only books. My books obviously contain that, but I want to tell stories. Those of food, recipes and those who do it. In the last one, “My Little Christmas Stories”, I evoke, for example, gingerbread, a magical bread from which we kept an old piece, which we burned on the fireplace to protect the house, on stormy evenings. I am telling the story of a pastry chef from Limoges who invented chocolate recipes with the first pastry chef apprentice. I also wrote a book about my aunt who was the cook of the Gallimard family. The book “Five Seasons Diet” sums me up well: cooking for the ones we love, for singles, food we know, cooking simply…

What is a kitchen anyway?

Cooking is not just cooking. It’s sharing, intention is most important. I realized this when I couldn’t eat for years. And yes, I think that to cook carrots well, you need to know their history. You have to learn to make it yourself, including mayonnaise or dressing. Some fads piss me off, like gluten-free. For some intolerant people it is important, but if the goal is to eat industrial products, it is ridiculous. Gastronomy is the art of good food. As in other areas, we are going for simplicity, less waste and a return to tradition.

A renewed show aimed at young people

This Sunday, December 4th, Chabanais will offer their 18the Book Fair. Organized by the media library, this new edition has the ambition to renew itself in order to stand out from the fairs offered in the territory. About forty authors will be present and they will sign their works. Adults will be able to find authors of regional, historical, detective novels, fantasy, poetry… But above all, the focus this year will be on young people with the presence of the independent bookstore Rêv’en Pages in Limoges, Éditions Chabada and Ecol’âne. Also, workshops and events will be organized by the association Friends of Father Kastor. Fujita Mayu, a young manga illustrator from Charente, will present the fourth volume of her favorite character, Mélissande. “It was important to diversify the show and offer it to a young audience”, testified Laëtitia Quichaud, the new head of the media library. In addition to literature, visitors will be able to admire an exhibition of paintings and sculptures with the presence of artists.
Chabanais Book Fair, Sunday, December 4 from 10 am to 12.30 pm and from 2 pm to 5.30 pm Chabanais Village Hall. Free admission.

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