Return of “Plus belle la vie” for the French, new breath for the series

Return of “Plus belle la vie” for the French, new breath for the series

The rumor concerning the return of the series “Plus belle la vie” seems to have been confirmed. Indeed, after a sudden end a few weeks ago, it seems that the soap opera will experience a new lease of life.

Return of “Plus belle la vie”, impatient fans

From the beginning of this year 2022, many rumors had affirmed that the series “Plus belle la vie” would soon stop.. However, the directors still wanted to be reassuring and refuted this information. However, the soap opera suddenly ended on November 18which disappointed most fans. Furthermore, the new program that replaced it is not at all unanimous among viewers. Indeed, the hearings are no longer as numerous as before. Moreover, some really hope that the series will soon make its return.

Fortunately, it seems that the series has not yet said its last word. Mathieu Delormeau actually addressed the possible return of the show in the TPMP People program of December 03, 2022. According to columnist Déborah Tordjman, it’s time to answer the call from fans of the series. Thus, the team intends to renew the experience 18 years after its debut.

Changes made for the relaunch of the soap opera

Still according to Déborah Tordjman, as it is a question of big money, they want to set up a platform dedicated to the series. Thus, theSpectators will no longer be confined to one box in the evening. In other words, they will be able to watch the episodes in replay when they want and where they want.

Regarding the broadcasts themselves, the columnist indicated that nothing was going to change. Apparently, the managers will keep the same rhythm of weekly distribution. In this sense, there will be a new episode every day with a 20-minute format, as before.

In addition, it is quite possible that the series will be free for a time. Even if this method of financing is very difficult, everything is done to please fans of the series. In addition, the same actors should also return in “Plus belle la vie”. Indeed, for the moment, everyone would have agreed to renew the experience.

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