Return on stage of a discreet singer

Return on stage of a discreet singer

return on stage of Ndeye Kasse, singer

She is the daughter of Ibra Kassé, father of modern Senegalese music, with the creation of the Miami Club. Ndèye Kassé is one of the beautiful voices of popular music in Senegal. With his brother Alioune, they wrote a beautiful page in the history of Senegalese music with magnificent titles crowned with success. Absent from the music scene for a few years, the artist signs her return with an album project plus a series of concerts in Dakar and in the regions of the country. In an interview with Seneweb, Ndèye Kassé talks about his projects, his absence from the music scene and peace in Senegal.

What becomes of Ndeye Kasse?

Thank you very much Seneweb for giving me the opportunity to speak to the general public. It’s true that I took a short break, but it’s just for the purpose of ensuring our national cohesion, to allow us to develop strategies to invigorate republican and social values, citizenship and fraternity between brothers and sisters. This is why, on November 19, 2022, I intend to play my part in raising awareness for social peace and the promotion of civic values, under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture, in partnership with the Maison de la culture Douta Seck, in the company of the National Orchestra, through a show called ”Pour la paix, je m’engage” with theater content in the first part with Kocc Barma from Rufisque and Ndèye Kassé live.

What is the cause of your absence?

I’m still on the scene and I produce singles also the last steps of ”Bla bla” and ”Jam la paix” and I play in cabarets. I’m often on social networks for little musical strolls, just to reconnect with my audience.

Do you have a surprise for your fans?

Of course, I have a nice surprise for my fans. I invite them on November 19 to come and discover the show and its surprises at Douta Seck. It’s part of strengthening the ties with my fans.

Why aren’t you too publicized?

As I said, a lot of people follow me through social networks. Regarding the media, I respond to all invitations from journalists and presenters. On the other hand, if I am not invited I do not invite myself, for professional reasons.

What is your opinion on the new generation and what is your relationship with your fellow artists?

I have excellent relationships with my fellow artists. Senegalese music is in good health and full of emerging talents. However, young people deserve support and good training. I am proud of the new generation and I encourage young Senegalese artists.

You are the daughter of one of the pioneers of popular music in Senegal with the Miami Club. Did your father Ibra Kassé get the tribute he deserves?

To be honest, he got the tribute he deserved. Seneweb gives me the opportunity to thank big brother Youssou Ndour who posthumously paid our father Ibra Kassé a resounding tribute on his latest album. A number of artists who have taken off from this melting pot, whose founder is unquestionably one of the fathers of Senegalese music, will recognize themselves in it, very legitimately. This magnificent tribute is also recognition. Through my little voice, our whole family expresses to you a deep and sincere well-deserved gratitude.

A message for politicians?

I call for peace and civic values. This country belongs to us; we must ensure its stability by having good behavior, good intentions, good words and good deeds. This is valid for any Senegalese citizen.

What are your projects ?

You will soon see me with a new album which is in the making. In addition to a mega concert for peace at the Douta Seck culture house on November 19.

Furthermore, I would like to thank the Senegalese public who have always supported me, without forgetting the Minister of Culture who received me recently, as part of my activities. I discussed with him on many projects. I note in him a unifying minister.

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