“Revolution”: a surprise for dancers

“Revolution”: a surprise for dancers

As announced by Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, during the last broadcast, all the candidates who won their face-to-face will not necessarily go to the next stage. Some will indeed have to go through a new stage, called the ultimate selection, which will be unveiled this Sunday.

The production wanted to stir things up for this fourth season of “Revolution” by transforming a stage in the competition. “In previous seasons, to qualify for the final events, there was the revolution event, which was a deliberation between the masters, who had to judge only on the revolutions of the candidates. We wanted to improve this step by adding a performance,” explained producer Martin Métivier.

This Sunday, the masters will, first of all, have to vote to choose the essential dancers of the season among all those who have won their face-to-face. The latter will go directly to the final rounds.

“The others will have to dance a one-minute number to qualify,” added the producer. Seven candidates are chosen as essential, and the remaining 14 will have to fight to earn their place.

The dancers were very surprised when Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse announced this new stage.

“They knew there was additional filming, which was indicated in their contracts, but without all the details. The masters will then give each one a mission, explaining to them what they are missing to move on to the next stage.

The directive may concern their expression, their technique, their musicality or even ask them to go elsewhere in the emotions they choose to interpret.

“It brings the dancers to another register. We will, for example, see it going in another style. It produced surprising performances. Some dancers will turn out differently.”

Even before the start of the competition, some candidates worked on their course, but the addition of a stage destabilized them.

“There are some who arrive on the show and who already know what they are going to dance to until the final, apart from the improbable duets,” said Samuel Maurin Bonte, content director. Adding a new choreography in the middle of the competition, it disconcerted them and it created surprises. We can say that the road to victory is not easy for anyone.

The final selection of “Revolution” takes place this Sunday, at 7:30 p.m., on TVA.

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