Richard Martineau claims he almost ate a fly while on vacation

Richard Martineau claims he almost ate a fly while on vacation

Sometimes the holidays don’t go as planned. Even though most people want to spend some quiet time and get away from their routine, sometimes unpleasant things happen when you’re away from home. And it happened during the holidays to Richard Martineau, reports VAT News.

The columnist for QUB Radio, TVA Nouvelles and the Journal de Montréal had decided to escape the Quebec winter to warm up in an all-inclusive in the South.

However, he almost got beat up, which is not at all what he was looking for.

“There were three girls in the next room. The kind of girl you see at Double occupationthe kind of girls on a Sunwing flight. Their music was super strong, ”says Richard Martineau at his microphone.

The columnist therefore decided to leave his room to ask them to lower the volume, but the situation did not go as planned.

“I wanted to tell them to turn the music down that it was super late. A gray-haired man arrives, they were his daughters. I asked him: please turn down the music,” adds Richard Martineau.

“The guy wanted to beat me! sums up the columnist, mimicking his opponent getting into a combat position. The man would also have replied not to speak in this way to his daughters.

“We had to call security! “says Richard Martineau.

“Instead of telling his children, ‘girls the music is a little loud.’ Unable to take any criticism of her dear grandchildren. Calm down ! “, denounces the columnist.

You can watch the video by clicking this link.

Remember that on vacation, Richard Martineau is not the only one to have faced unforeseen events. It also happened to Elisabeth Rioux. However, the latter rather had trouble with Sunwing.

“Hi Sunwing! It could be me now, but no, I have to fake it by posting an old photo because I’m currently stuck on a 14 hour flight (which was only supposed to be 5.5 hours) with no food on board and no other options. Maybe one day we will arrive at our destination, ”she wrote in her post on Instagram.

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