Rick Ross unveils his dressing room, Internet users finish it

Rick Ross unveils his dressing room, Internet users finish it

“I’m trying to put this stuff away” are Rick Ross by revealing what seems to be a tiny part of her dressing room. Filming himself in an organized bazaar, the rapper did not fail to suffer the mockery of Internet users, convinced that the Bawse is in fact a “hoarder”.

Rick Ross, unable to get rid of his stuff?

The term is not necessarily known, but it could potentially stick to Rick Ross. Broadly, a “hoarder” is a person who accumulates objects, without being able to get rid of them. This new video published by Rozay on his networks will therefore have caused trouble, suggesting that the rapper could quite stick to this definition. Having displayed part of his dressing room in the entrance of his mansion, Ross will have shocked more than one Internet user. Revealing stacked clothes and many pairs of shoes, the interpreter ofMusic Aston Martin the question will arise of whether or not to organize a sale in the style of a clearance sale: “I have stuff from everywhere. Should I do a garage sale? It’s not a hoarder thing, it’s an armored boss thing. »

Anticipating criticism, Rozay could not escape it, forcing him to publish a new video in the process in order to clear himself: “Does having over 150 cars make me a hoarder? We are not in a situation where things pile up everywhere and where it blocks access to the house. In the meantime, I’m just a f***h hustler. »

To believe that he will have at least succeeded in convincing himself?

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