Rihanna shares rare secrets about her six-month-old son, “a happy baby”, and teases the revelation of his name

Rihanna shares rare secrets about her six-month-old son, “a happy baby”, and teases the revelation of his name

Rihanna is on all fronts. After the release of his first unreleased song in six years, the star is already dedicated to another of his flagship projects. Forgot the music, back to fashion! A few days before its broadcast on Amazon Prime Video, this Wednesday, November 9, Riri is in full promotion of his Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 4. A promotional campaign all the more important as the fourth edition of the fashion show of her lingerie brand is under fire from public criticism because of the surprising participation of Johnny Depp. Rihanna therefore defends her baby more than ever with conviction. But facing the American media, it’s another baby she couldn’t help but talk about.

Rihanna gaga of her son

When she became a mother for the first time of a Boy last May, the 34-year-old singer made rare confidences about her son to the press. ” He is wonderful. He’s a happy baby”she marveled during an interview with HEY on the red carpet for the premiere of his Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 4 in Los Angeles. And Rihanna to reveal the best moment of her new role as a mom: “Oh my god, it’s mornings, see her morning face!” To see a baby with little bags under his eyes, who wakes up, and who is just disconcerted, as if surprised. They try to understand where they are. It’s so cute, it’s my favorite moment of the day”. The A$AP Rocky company then explains that she “cherish” those kinds of moments with his son.

What about the boy’s first name?

This may make people jealous, the star finally reveals that she got into the habit of singing for her little boy. Not lullabies or his own tunes. Rihanna says she is a fan of “freestyle” and invents songs on the spot whenever she can. In front of Peoplethe young mother is just as gaga, declaring: “He’s funny, he’s happy… and he’s chubby!” He is wonderful. It’s a very cuddly phase right now.”. There remains the question that everyone is asking: but what is the name of this mystery baby? Asked by PA PressRihanna has explained why she and A$AP Rocky have yet to reveal their son’s name or share a photo of the now six-month-old. “We haven’t taken the time to do it yet, it’s as simple as that. We are just enjoying life. But I guess going public would give us some freedom.”she says. The door is therefore open for a highly anticipated announcement.

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