Rohff explains why he said ‘My son can lift Wejdene’

Rohff explains why he said ‘My son can lift Wejdene’

Rohff’s son is not going to lift Wejdene!

Rohff responds to criticism of his punchline referencing Wejdene by revealing why he dropped a dedication to the young singer in his latest track. This statement caused a lot of talk because the interpreter of Anissa did not appreciate being quoted in the title and reacted virulently against the 94 rapper who then eased tensions.

Masterclass is the new piece by Rohff released on November 2 to keep his fans waiting before going on stage at the Accor Arena this Tuesday. In the first verse of this song Housni declares My son can lift Wejdene, well yeah it’s a 2004. The sentence made the buzz on the web and the young singer protested. “Before you think your son can lift me, think about finding ways to lift your own career. If you had a daughter, would you say that? You have nieces… A big daddy like that” she described in reaction to the release of this single.

“He deviated nobody!”

Rohff then tried to calm things down. “Don’t take this the wrong way, it’s just a way of saying I have a son your age, it’s nothing mean. Soothe your heart, it’s cool tear everything apart, we all wish you a career as heavy to lift as mine” he justified himself before explaining in more detail the choice of having made such remarks during his appearance on Skyrock radio this week. In the Morning of Difool, Housni was indeed questioned on this subject and confided that Wejdene was born the same as one of his sons in 2004, they are both 18 years old which was a source of inspiration for his punchline.

“We heard about your son with this story of Wejdene, me it made me laugh. (…) You are a cool dad!” comments the radio presenter first. “No there’s no if you’re interested. I just wanted to say basically that I had a child, a son who was from this 2004 generation and as I know here you always have old people who have their sights on the little ones because you see (…) calm down the old ones it was more to say that. “Here I have a little one which is from 2004, it’s a 2000, you see” expressed Rohff. Difool concluded the exchange by asking Housni if ​​his son is listening to him on the radio right now, “No I don’t think so, he’s in medical school, he’s in his second year. He doesn’t know balloons, moula, joints, he didn’t deviate from anyone, he doesn’t have dirty underwear, he’s not into Wejdene’s songs”.

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