Rohff ridicules Booba and his father, B2O snubs him

Rohff ridicules Booba and his father, B2O snubs him

Between Rohff and Booba, it’s been getting hotter and hotter in recent days, the clash between the two rappers is not about to stop! Housni got into B2O’s own game by posting montages of photos or videos to mock his enemy who did not respond to the provocations.

Rohff ridicules Booba’s IQ!

After defendingan influencer banned from Snapchat and attacked by BoobaRohff decides to continue his attacks against his rival. “But shut your muzzle dripping with sea sniffing the Q of everyone H24. » first swung the rapper from 94 on Twitter then “Is there a difference when you do a Bi*ezer placement via an 8-year-old child? when their twerking mother Q looks with 10 tchoins lined up on all fours under her eyes”. “That’s it, the inbred makes us relapse” the DUC was indignant but that did not calm down Housni who has just relaunched hostilities.

Rohff indeed suggests that Booba would have a limited IQ, “Instant Cul-ture Offered by the Neu-neu Helpful System.” (Never underestimate a crawfish IQ)” he declares in a tweet with a video montage of interviews with Kopp in which he does not know how to answer questions as during a passage on Canal + in which he does not recognize the President of the Republic at the time, François Hollandethen in another where he is questioned about the traders and finally a last one in which the DUC is questioned about his city of origin Boulogne-Billancourt and the link with the representation of weapons in his clips.

The Duke is unaffected by teasing!

“It’s the hereditaryeeyyy #Mag-EliMierdah #Teu*Life” chained Rohff with laughing emojis by posting the photo montage of Booba wearing a pink bathing cap as well as a snap of his dad sporting a bow tie of the same color on his head. ” Like father, like son. Headband, CR-Zgu*g, it’s heredity, ok everything is explained »describes the post’s caption. Housni ends with a story by sending a message to B2O, “Methamphetamine or N-methyl-amphetamine is an extremely addictive sympathomimetic and psychoanaleptic synthetic drug. “.

Accustomed to responding to the slightest messages concerning him, Booba did not deign to react this time to Rohff’s clashes against him, preferring to focus on his fight against influencers and in particular that against Magali Berdah who accuses him of demolishing his life.

Rohff ridicules Booba and his father, B2O snubs him 2

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